Welcome to the FlagPOST, a newsletter and forum where great therapy minds share ideas and innovations in their field. The FlagPOST provides therapists with clinical information, ideas, educational opportunities and techniques to keep you enthused and excited about service delivery and patient care. The Flag represents Ensign’s logo, and POST signifies each of our therapy disciplines: Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. We think the FlagPOST celebrates the excitement and talent of our Ensign therapy team and hope that you will also be inspired by its content.

Summer 2017

National Long-Term Care Survey Process to Roll Out in November 2017; Introducing Thera-Trooper Special Forces; Orem Summerfest; Congratulations, Kinga Gianna! Congratulations to Avenlea Gamble and Kellye McKee, our new SPARC scholarship winners; Sharing Therapy Strategies – License Plate Program; Surviving a Transition Through Use of the Energy Bus; Initial Responses to Using an Alter-G Treadmill at Parklane West: A Case Series; Happy Feet Effect on Quality of Life; Alexa and TBI Helps Patient Following Brain Injury; OT and SLP Co-Treatments in a Skilled Nursing Facility; Utilizing Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback in a Patient With CVA to Improve Psychophsyiological Coherence; Passport to Home: An Interdisciplinary Case Report; Improving the Patient Experience Through Patient-Centered Care; Bathing Without a Battle; Improving Proprioception and Ankle Strategy With New Balance Pad; Online Training Modules to Develop the Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Required to Implement the Abilities Care Approach; Falling Leaf Program: Implementing a Fall Prevention Program

Q4 2016

2016 Leadership Summit; Cardiac Post-Acute Rehab Care Fills the Gap between Hospital and Home; Heart PARC Case Study; Clinisign Q&A With Dr. Hani Bashandy; Surf’s Up! Improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury; Sharing Therapy Strategies; Using Bundled Payments for Care; Somerset Subacute Nursing and Rehab, El Cajon, CA; An IDT Approach to Therapy; Kazoo Choir at North Mountain Rehab: Helping Residents Breathe Better One Note at a Time; Building Your Own Elevated Garden Box; Abilities Care in Action – Person-Centered Dementia Management–A Montessori-Inspired Program; Music & Memory at Park Manor Rehabilitation Center; Using Life Story Boards to Assist Residents with Dementia; Applying Research on Cues to Reduce Freezing of Gait to WC Propulsion for People With Parkinson’s Disease; How to Accurately Enter a Diet Order Into PCC

June 2016

Crucial Accountability; Abilities Care Experts (ACE) Graduating Class at Park View Post Acute; Simplified Rehab Approach for Clinically Complex Patients; Creating a Culture of Person-Directed Dementia Care; Reducing Restlessness With Baby Dolls; Contracture Management Course at St. Joseph Villa; Neuro Gym Sit to Stand Trainer; Celebrating Occupational and Speech Therapists; SPARC Award Winners: Catherine Whitlock, DPT and Chelsea Shearman; ICD-10 Coding Corner; Coding CPT 97532 (Cognitive Skills Development)

Q3 2015

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence; 2016 MSCA Process Updates and the Importance of Medicare Meetings; Pet Therapy; A merry heart is the best medicine; Music Therapy at Golden Acres Living & Rehabilitation; Use of AlterG for a Patient Limited by Pain at Richland Hills Rehabilitation & Healthcare; Combining Technology and Rehab at Palm Terrace Healthcare & Rehabilitation; Post-Myocutaneous Flap Rehabilitation at Englewood Post Acute Rehab; Abilities Care Approach at Oceanview Healthcare and Rehab; Fall Prevention; Connecting Our Youth With Residents at Park View Post Acute Care; Congratulations to our new Credentialed Clinical Instructors!

Q1 2015

Therapy music programs at Park View Post Acute; Abilities Care Approach to Dementia at Cloverdale Healthcare Center; Use of Meaningful Activities to Redirect Negative Behaviors; Assessing Pain in Patients with Dementia; How a Little Vision Can Go a Long Way; SPARC Award Winner – Shannon Cook; Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month; Healthcare Reimbursement Updates – The Part B Cap Exception is Extended; Willow Bend Wins the Flag; Modified Cooking Group; RO5 Rollout; Health and Wellness for Seniors, Presented by Pine Manor Therapy Team

Q3 2014

IMPACT Act of 2014; The Power of Music: Connecting with Non Verbal Patients; Amanda Grace: Making a Difference at Cloverdale Healthcare; Story of Recovery Sets Benchmark for Future Treatments at Park Manor Rehabilitation Center, Walla Walla, WA; Are Your Patients Motivated to Move?; Developing a Post-Acute Cardiac Wellness Specialty Program; Sharing a Passion for Learning; Finding Relief with the Kinesio Tape Protocol; With Perseverance, Patients and Therapists Find Success at Veranda; Providing a Treatment Plan for Pannus Support; Barihab Table Case Study; At Willow Bend, We Are All in This Together!

Q1 2014

Post-Acute Cardiac Wellness Programs; The Future Is Here With Bionic Legs!; Therapy and the Barihab Table Changing Lives; Wound Care Treatment Approach for Physical Therapists; Tools for Tracking and Reporting Therapy Outcomes; The Northern Oaks Team is Feeling Good Vibrations with the New VibeTech One; Moving BIG and Speaking LOUD at Holladay and Copper Ridge in Utah; Lemon Grove Care and Rehabilitation Community Reintegration Program; Laughter, Encouragement Are the Best Medicine at Stillhouse

Q4 2013

Fall Risk Assessment and Vestibular Testing; Dementia Program Update: The Abilities Care Approach; Clinical Programming Resources on the Therapy Portal; Strategies for Treating Patients with Neurological Disorders; Different Approaches to Treat Patients Following a Stroke; Postural Restoration: Treating the Unique Asymmetry of the Human Body; Marketing and Rehab Teaming Up at Wellington

Q2 2013

Organizational Health; The POSTettes; Proposed Changes to MDS for Therapy October 2013; Mapping Out the Framework for OT Student Psychosocial Internships; CMS National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes; Deciphering Dysphagia with E-Stim; Teamwork at Golden Acres = SLP Success

Q1 2013

Fanatic Discipline; Brookfield Develops Patient Care App; Pet Therapy; Stepping Stones Fall Prevention Course; Claims-Based Data Collection Requirement; Best Nursing Homes – 2013

Q3 2012

Person-Centered Care; Dementia Capable Care; Ensign Closes NASDAQ; Earning CEUs for Geriatric Sports Medicine; Creating a Therapy Garden Walk; Success = Passion

Q2 2012

Celebrating OT Month at Osborn Health and Rehab; Congratulations Brookfield… E-Prize Winner; Look What’s Happening in the World of Dementia

Q1 2012

Ensign Hosts Clinical Instructor Course; Football Has a Playbook–And We Have the RAI; Case Management and Therapy Team: Working Together

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