Not a typical traveling therapist job

​As a director of rehab, you’re familiar with the challenges of finding therapists. Filling a critical opening can’t happen fast enough! Yes, you can hire a contractor or traveler, but filling a job this way often comes at a cost. The traveler may have the credentials, but culture-fit is often overlooked by therapy contracting companies, and this can be a problem. After all, the Ensign culture and core values are what makes an Ensign-affiliated facility more than a building with people. And because culture is critical, an idea was floated. Why not create a new traveling therapist position in the Ensign family? Place therapists who are not only qualified with credentials, but who also know and support the unique culture that is Ensign. These elite therapists would be available for temporary placement whenever and wherever they’re needed by an Ensign-affiliated facility.

And that’s how the Thera-Trooper position came to life. Thera-Troopers represent all disciplines–OT, PT, and SLP–and represent a Therapy Special Forces Team at Ensign Services. They’re called to serve our new builds, our most staffing-challenged, or newly acquired facilities.

This isn’t a typical travel job where therapists get to call recruiters and say: “Hey! I want to go to Sacramento for three months,” and the recruiters say, “Hey! OK!” Instead, it’s more like: “Hey! We need you to go to Reno for three weeks until our new therapist starts! Then Sonoma for two to cover a vacation!”

If you’re a therapist looking to explore new cities, expand your professional network, and build lifelong relationships, then becoming a Thera-Trooper is a great opportunity. As a full time Thera-Trooper with Ensign Services, you are considered family, are treated like family. We are building a team of Special Forces therapists who thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing therapy work environment. It won’t be easy, and we realize this opportunity to serve our Ensign-affiliated facilities will be challenging, but with lots of love and support, and a few extra goodies gently placed in a care package, it is an opportunity worth exploring!

Check out the Therapy Jobs page and look for Thera-Trooper positions to read job descriptions and apply online.

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Thera-Trooper Departure

First Thera-Trooper Deployment

July 2017 – Mountain bike, check. Gas tank, full. Nav system set. Our first Thera-Trooper is an adventurous empty-nester. She is traveling to Reno, Nevada, and then on to Santa Rosa, California. What a great opportunity to get out and see the country!

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