Instagram post 18157495756098644 Jacob Barnes, CTO/TPM, Park Avenue Health & Rehabilitation, Tucson, AZ shares "Joncie Patterson, PT with Park Avenue, is always looking at ways to show support and love and improve the quality of life of our staff and residents. Prior to Christmas, Joncie spent hours working on unique arrangements, which included tea cups with tea bags, wine glasses with spider plants, and potted plants. Joncie also brought homemade baked goods, and I must say they were delish! Even adding the classic holiday movie “Elf” was just another small way to help people smile in spite of the pandemic. We are blessed to have Joncie finding ways to help us lift our spirits during these unprecedented times."
Instagram post 17854744598394672 On this, the longest night of the year, along with our nursing-home family, we remember the light of our residents and colleagues lost to COVID.  #capliconation #werememberthem
Instagram post 17882426962434078 Kudos to these OT and PT clinicians who came from multiple ENDURA facilities in Colorado last weekend to complete the Online LSVT BIG Training and Certification together! They were able to learn and practice together in a great, team-building experience. A very special thank you to Jenny Kuehn, Maryann Bowles, and Jennifer Wintle for organizing this group learning opportunity for your therapists. #LSVTBIG #CAPLICONation
Instagram post 17858737466381053 Denise Del Cano, COTA/ADOR and Martha Ramirez, Activities Director, have revisited and re-instituted the National Days Calendar to support our cluster’s rallying call to add color and meaning to the lives of our facility’s residents. Martha’s creative and innovative activity strategies will be complemented and augmented by Denise’s occupational therapy background to come up with individually modified and designed activities for fun-filled, month-long events.  The Hills Post Acute kicked off this month with a pie-eating contest for staff and residents.
Instagram post 17888187406272056 Halloween at Vista Knoll Specialized Care in Vista #capliconation
Instagram post 17975420005092042 TGIF @ Brookfield Healthcare Center #teambrookfield #capliconation
Instagram post 18178849996066134 Mark Walker, PT, CEEAA, DOR, Orem Rehab and Nursing, Orem, UT shares some inspiring words "I wanted to share an enlightenment I had this past week. My wife and I were channel surfing the other night, and we ended up watching the last little bit of the movie, “A League of Their Own,” with Tom Hanks. Toward the end of the movie, there is a scene where the girls’ baseball coach (Tom Hanks) is angered by the fact that his star player is leaving right before they start playing in the World Series. Her husband had just returned home from war, and she says, “I can’t do it anymore; it’s too hard.” Her coach then looks at her with a glare and says, “If it was easy, everyone would do it. Being hard is what makes it so great.” That really struck a chord with me and life right now. ⁠
We do hard things every single day, and that’s what makes what we do so darn great! We touch so many lives every day, and sometimes we lose track of that. If you are like me, I sometimes walk into work thinking, “Today is going to be an easy day; my schedule isn’t too bad and I have little to no meetings today.” That attitude changes almost instantaneously once I enter the door. I have since changed my mindset going into work. I tell myself every morning, “Today is going to be a hard day, and that’s why it’s going to be so great. I get to do hard things today.” And I give myself a little fist bump. ⁠
It is not wrong to acknowledge that the day is going to be hard; I hope we do. But we must also remind ourselves that we can do hard things and that’s what makes our jobs so great! We have survived so much as a market, cluster, building, department and personally. We are great! And we will continue to become great through hard things. We truly are in “a league of our own” and are dignifying long-term care in the eyes of the world. Wishing peace and blessings to everyone!"
Instagram post 17962807906037865 Our Ensign Dragon Jersey! Ready for the competition! #capliconation #ensigntherapy #ensigndragons #ensign #dragonboatfestival #longbeach
Instagram post 17930651833092886 Ensign Dragons our official Ensign therapy corporate team for dragon boat. #capliconation #ensigntherapy #dragonboat
Instagram post 17918920633533748 Andy Cisneros, DOR at Westover Hills Nursing & Rehab shares "Despite going through our first real big outbreak this week the therapy staff wanted to make sure our  residents felt some love."
Instagram post 17936114665432690 Elyse Matson shares, "I wanted to send you a summary of some of the amazing programs we discussed last month.  As we continue to deal with COVID cases in our facilities, it is a true testament to you all to see the great progress with our SLP and LTC programming.  Our  focus has mostly been on LTC programming including our THINK THIN! Program. I thank you all for your continued support and look forward to connecting with you more in the new year.  Attached are some of the programs we discussed this month⁠
·  We began  to coordinate a new live and recorded Abilities Care CEU course for Utah⁠
·  Met virtually with SLPs and DORs in many markets including Keystone, Flagstone, Pennant, Emerald, Endura and Bandera to help develop long term care programs for our SLPs with a specific focus on our THINK THIN program⁠
·  Worked closely with some facilities to help improve their SLP CMI for PDPM⁠
·  Engaged in an analysis of staffing needs and multiple interviews to help Momentum improve their speech therapy utilization.⁠
·  Collaborated with our SLP and DOR at HCR Olathe to develop a Communication Access Plan(CAP) program to help determine the best way to communicate with our residents, given the use of masks in facilities(still in process).⁠
·  Continued  to speak individually with SLPs across the organization to provide guidance as needed⁠
·  Treating patients where I can!"
Instagram post 17857523899874617 Buying some Porto’s to our wonderful Heroes in the facility! Loving one another and giving them comfort food during this unprecedented time. #ensigntherapy #capliconation #physicaltherapy #frontliner #weareinittogether❤️
Instagram post 17973478471340507 The main water line broke at Pinnacle Nursing and Rehab and flooded part of the facility. During the cleanup and construction, several residents watched the heavy machinery with interest and shared how they ran machinery in the past. Pinnacle’s leadership team decided to purchase a mini-backhoe so these residents could be engaged in patient-centered, meaningful activities as they continue to thrive at Pinnacle.
Instagram post 17842538204097758 Everyday I am so grateful to be a part of this team and with all of the challenges the world is currently facing, I am even more grateful to work along side this incredible team of healthcare professionals. #SummerfieldFamily 💚 •
#CAPLICONation #SummerfieldStrong #TeamSummerfield #Ensign #LoveOneAnother
Instagram post 18176520565025945 CAPLICO Moment: Momentum Therapist Spotlight. Denise Del Cano, COTA, ADOR, has dedicated her career in The Hills Post Acute.
Instagram post 17908162117566489 The residents and staff of Lake Pleasant Post-Acute were honored to celebrate the 100th birthday of Mr. Paul Frizzell on October 17, 2020.
Instagram post 17928879895459457 Our Balloon Columns are simple but yet elegant for any corporate events ... a decor that would welcome your guest and feel the occasion.. 

#corporateevents #ballooncolumnsdecorations 
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Celebrating our Patient’s Success 

This is our skilled rehab patient, Mr. Hammond. He has been at our facility for two weeks for a broken hip. He made good progress and reached his goals just in time for his 88th birthday. Our rehab department  went out and got him a card and a pecan pie (his favorite) to celebrate his birthday, which happened to be the same day as his last therapy session. Our entire gym surprised him and sang happy birthday which brought him to tears. He said, “Thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday.”

Submitted by Larissa Osio MS, OTR/L, DOR, Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation, Prescott, AZ