Instagram post 17893247014698440 Giving Nursing Home Professionals the Skills and Support They Need in the COVID-19 Crisis. ⁠
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Instagram post 18172181989019040 Introducing our new Think Thin program (checkout this fun shirt made by one of our DORs) for speech therapy – doing what we can to get patients off of thickened liquids to decrease dehydration and improve quality of life.  Cool example of how our people never stop looking for ways to make a difference and don’t just keep going down the same old calf path!
Instagram post 17847088046057072 We got this 👊🏽
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Instagram post 18171612010025961 A big congratulations are in order for our Grand Champion winners of the Vital Signs Challenge!! Way to go Wellington!!!
Instagram post 17869915664082561 Jeremy Bowen from Coronado Skills shares, "We held our annual skills fair with the staff and set the theme as a county fair since COVID busted our tradition of a county fair. Great creativity and fun by all the team. Staff enjoyed themselves! Grateful for all that contributed with deep-fried fair food and dress-ups. It eased the pain of the COVID monthly test and flu shots for our staff"
Instagram post 17860469306244699 The Spotlight on Excellence Awards Ceremony recognizes the special people in our industry.⁠
These people have shown that they will go above and beyond for Colorado's most vulnerable population. Without these people, we know that 2020 could look very different.⁠
The Spotlight on Excellence Awards Ceremony had 2 finalist from THE  NSIGN affiliate ENDURA MARKET for the Therapy Professional of the Year!! Jason Niemeier PT from Arvada & Paula Reyes from Medallion! ⁠
We are so proud of both of them but only one could go home with the award. The award was presented to Paula Reyes for The COLORADO HEALTHCARE ASSOCIATION Therapy professional of the year.
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Instagram post 17866896566135288 Wherever you are today, stop, do some breathing exercises and relax.
Instagram post 17848737947087296 Nursing home week day ✌🏽 #crazysocks #crazyhair #ensign #capliconation
Instagram post 17926957366441817 Julia Temple celebrated their 5th annual PINKtober day in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Patricia Fantauzzo shares, "We had a lot of fun celebrating PINKtober throughout all departments and with our residents while raising awareness. A quote from one of our LTC residents says it all, 'Don’t forget to check your pumpkins!'"
Instagram post 17857709830935433 Our families spoil us 😋 #ensign #capliconation #rehab
Instagram post 18055464106260199 Checkout this ninja turtle! Happy Halloween continued :)
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Instagram post 17893753771674967 From John Diaz, "It’s been a tough year but we have been lucky to grow as a group. In this challenging times, we continue to celebrate and show how we support and love one another.⁠
Where’s Rehab???...⁠
We are at Magnolia Post Acute busy making a difference in our patient’s and partners lives."
Instagram post 17899156138459209 It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere! 😆 Cheers to looking on the bright side ♥️ #capliconation #ensign #covid19
Instagram post 17842479986482784 Happy Halloween from Copperfield Healthcare and Rehab!!
Instagram post 17886875410776745 "I just wanted to reach out and thank our awesome staff for attending our All Staff Meeting today as a special guest came to address and say goodbye to “his new friends”⁠
Before he discharged today at 2:30, one of our male residents wanted to personally thank our staff for his care here at Sloan’s Lake. He shared his story about being hospitalized for what was classified as a broken neck after collapsing in public some time ago. He thought he was going to die and when they told him about rehab, his heart sank with fear as he lived alone and knew no one. In addition to losing his wife a year ago he also  was very anxious about the COVID scare. After placing him with our amazing therapy team and nursing staff to teach him how to live again, he is able to go home today.⁠
Today at all staff, with tears streaming down his cheeks, he wanted to thank everyone for what they have done for him. He thanked everyone who had a hand in his recovery, from housekeeping to Nurses. He spoke from his heart about the friends he had made and the smiles he received every day. He talked about the importance of encouraging him to get better and try harder. To push and to stay positive. He loved his time here and hated to leave. ⁠
When I looked around the room there wasn’t a dry eye. Our staff truly felt the love and power behind his message. Many staff members left humbled as they were reminded once again of the important role they play in a residents life while working in Healthcare.⁠
We are so blessed to be able to serve our fellow man every day.  Great work Team Sloan’s"⁠
-Sent in by Sam Hewson, Operations Manager at Sloan's Lake
Instagram post 17859046510792436 Virtual visits anyone?! We may not allow visitors but our residents still feel the love! #SNF #capliconation #ensign #coronavirus #covid_19
Instagram post 17893033564657463 Congratulations, Dawn Thompson, DOR, Victoria Post Acute Care — Winner of the Natalie Blasczienski Award! is a virtual meeting place for therapists working with or interested in careers at Ensign-affiliated facilities.

New grad? Looking for a change? If you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, occupational therapist, OT assistant, or a speech language pathologist, we welcome you to search and apply for current therapy jobs at facilities located throughout the United States. Visit the therapy careers page for more information.


Celebrating our Patient’s Success 

This is our skilled rehab patient, Mr. Hammond. He has been at our facility for two weeks for a broken hip. He made good progress and reached his goals just in time for his 88th birthday. Our rehab department  went out and got him a card and a pecan pie (his favorite) to celebrate his birthday, which happened to be the same day as his last therapy session. Our entire gym surprised him and sang happy birthday which brought him to tears. He said, “Thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday.”

Submitted by Larissa Osio MS, OTR/L, DOR, Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation, Prescott, AZ