Instagram post 17860391422992828 Tanya Agulto, PT from Victoria Care Center in Ventura, CA, sewed ear savers for the nursing staff and distributed them with a note of appreciation. It’s the Rehab team’s gift to them for all they do for us as we continue to provide excellent care to our residents during these unprecedented times. A little ear comfort goes a long way.
Instagram post 17882426962434078 Kudos to these OT and PT clinicians who came from multiple ENDURA facilities in Colorado last weekend to complete the Online LSVT BIG Training and Certification together! They were able to learn and practice together in a great, team-building experience. A very special thank you to Jenny Kuehn, Maryann Bowles, and Jennifer Wintle for organizing this group learning opportunity for your therapists. #LSVTBIG #CAPLICONation
Instagram post 17898575554516432 Ianne is a really hard worker, very confident and knowledgeable. She helps us all be confident and be at peace with ourselves and our abilities during this time of pandemic. Every Thursday she takes time out of her very busy schedule to cook for her nurses and other departments.⁠
We truly appreciate her leadership and her friendship. She is one to look up to. She is a leader!
Instagram post 17884312453618253 At Gateway Transitional Care Center in Pocatello, ID, our awesome wound care nurse, Sandra Willis, hands out gift bags for helping out!
Instagram post 17847088046057072 We got this 👊🏽
#ensign #capliconation #covid19
Instagram post 17842538204097758 Everyday I am so grateful to be a part of this team and with all of the challenges the world is currently facing, I am even more grateful to work along side this incredible team of healthcare professionals. #SummerfieldFamily 💚 •
#CAPLICONation #SummerfieldStrong #TeamSummerfield #Ensign #LoveOneAnother
Instagram post 17900224609479547 This beautiful poem was written by Angie Taylor, our Therapy Program Manager, at Shawnee PARC. She is a very passionate therapist/leader and was moved to write this poem.⁠
Please don’t be a wheelchair therapist⁠
You see, my life before was nothing like this.⁠
I rely on you to bring me back to norm⁠
Not stay sedentary like I am all the other times before.⁠
Bring me out of my shell and push me further⁠
Show me your skills, trust, and strength and know I do not mean to be a burden.⁠
I depend on you to see me how others do not⁠
You see my fear, weakness, and pain along with the life that I lost.⁠
I am still a person, whole and complete⁠
Remove me from this restriction, give me that peace.⁠
You know who I once was and still have the potential to be,⁠
Don’t be a wheelchair therapist, use your love to set me free. ⁠ -Angie Taylor
Instagram post 17866933696724500 I woof you!! 🐶♥️ #capliconation #snf #rehabilitation #lbc #puppylove
Instagram post 18101643631153731 A Bald Eagle, among other wildlife, was spotted at our Pine Manor facility in Wisconsin. The residents really enjoy watching the wildlife – what a neat environment for a skilled nursing setting.
Instagram post 17848737947087296 Nursing home week day ✌🏽 #crazysocks #crazyhair #ensign #capliconation
Instagram post 17870370016762761 “Ensign was born in times much like these, and our model is not only designed to survive, but to thrive and grow in the face of uncertainty,” Port said.⁠
Instagram post 17914938193433758 "Some days we just can't keep track of what decade it is.." Carolyn Pluta shares of Arvada Care while celebrating a themed day for Nursing Week back in May :)
Instagram post 17854654885698312 ... secret santa 2019 , minus my favorite speechie allycooper818 ❤️ #Capliconation #sweaterweather #secretsanta #holidayseason #epar
Instagram post 18147202879015280 Ashley Miller shares, "SUPER HEROES AAAASSSSSSSSEEMMMMMBBLLLEEEE!!!⁠
Our therapy team here at RCD wanted to do something fun to brighten spirits! There were many laughs and this may be our new casual Friday normal!⁠
Are there any other “super heroes” out there?!"⁠
#SuperHeroes #KnockOutCovid #WeAreALLSuperHeroes!
Instagram post 17857709830935433 Our families spoil us 😋 #ensign #capliconation #rehab
Instagram post 17896340788497350 "Russel Castillejo PT at Glenwood Care Center took his time this evening to give a resident a haircut. Our men in particular are missing their regular haircuts. I’m discovering the hidden talents of my team members everyday!!! Just a nugget of compassion in these times." -Aimee Bhatia
Instagram post 17899156138459209 It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere! 😆 Cheers to looking on the bright side ♥️ #capliconation #ensign #covid19
Instagram post 17874325789721348 Tiffany Bishop Shares, "Our amazing ADOR, George Palin, and his wife have been working tirelessly to provide the entire building (and a few to our sister buildings) with cloth masks and now are working on gowns to keep us all safe.  Today the team wanted to say a special thank you to him, and one of our other amazing PTAs, Heidi Carmichael, thanked George for providing her with a more comfortable mask (you gotta laugh sometimes, right?) and read this poem as a thank you.  I thought this is so true of George and so many others that are giving above and beyond to take care of each other and our residents."⁠
⁠ ⁠
There are just two kinds of people on earth today,⁠
Just two kinds of people, no more, I say. ⁠
Not the rich and the poor, for to count a man’s wealth ⁠
You must first know the state of his conscience and health. ⁠
Not the humble and proud, for, in life’s little span, ⁠
Who puts on airs is not counted a man. ⁠
Not the happy and sad, for the swift counting years ⁠
Bring each man his laughter and each man his tears. ⁠
No, the two kinds of people on earth I mean ⁠
Are the people who lift and the people who lean. ⁠
Wherever you go you will find the world’s masses ⁠
Are always divided in just these two classes. ⁠
And oddly enough you will find, too, I ween, ⁠
There’s only one lifter to twenty who lean. ⁠
In which class are you? Are you easing the load ⁠
Of overtaxed lifters who toil down the road? ⁠
Or are you a leaner who lets others bear ⁠
Your portion of labour and worry and care?⁠
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox⁠
DISCLAIMER: This mask is not what we are using for PPE, just a little joke to keep people smiling 😜 is a virtual meeting place for therapists working with or interested in careers at Ensign-affiliated facilities.

New grad? Looking for a change? If you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, occupational therapist, OT assistant, or a speech language pathologist, we welcome you to search and apply for current therapy jobs at facilities located throughout the United States. Visit the therapy careers page for more information.


Celebrating our Patient’s Success 

This is our skilled rehab patient, Mr. Hammond. He has been at our facility for two weeks for a broken hip. He made good progress and reached his goals just in time for his 88th birthday. Our rehab department  went out and got him a card and a pecan pie (his favorite) to celebrate his birthday, which happened to be the same day as his last therapy session. Our entire gym surprised him and sang happy birthday which brought him to tears. He said, “Thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday.”

Submitted by Larissa Osio MS, OTR/L, DOR, Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation, Prescott, AZ