Instagram post 17877931012874788 Please share your cheers for our DOR MaryJo Walker for celebrating 20 years today as part of the Coronado Family! Incredible loyalty and kindness to all! Grateful for her example! She’s been showered in flowers and gifts, people kissing her ring, ya know—all the finer things in life 😄. Thanks MJ for the partnership and example!!
Instagram post 17854654885698312 ... secret santa 2019 , minus my favorite speechie allycooper818 ❤️ #Capliconation #sweaterweather #secretsanta #holidayseason #epar
Instagram post 17850082781326025 The DON at Pinnacle brought her horse to the facility for the residents to meet and interact with. A couple of the residents grew quite attached to this beautiful animal!
Instagram post 17842538204097758 Everyday I am so grateful to be a part of this team and with all of the challenges the world is currently facing, I am even more grateful to work along side this incredible team of healthcare professionals. #SummerfieldFamily 💚 •
#CAPLICONation #SummerfieldStrong #TeamSummerfield #Ensign #LoveOneAnother
Instagram post 17842470815407979 A beautiful couple, both residents at Wayne Country View Care, celebrated 79 years of marriage with a vow renewal ceremony. The stunning bride wore her original wedding gown and carried a replicate of her bouquet. She walked down the isle to their love song. They celebrated with family, staff and other residents and enjoyed delicious cupcakes decorated in their wedding colors. Rumor has it, the groom cried tears of thankfulness during the entire ceremony. This is what true love looks like!
Instagram post 17886902122727680 Sloan’s Lake application for a Vital Signs Contest⁠
How you ensure therapist are trained in using vitals: we include vitals training/discussion as part of our onboarding/orientation process⁠
·  How taking vital signs are used in clinical care: we take vitals during clinical care to monitor and ensure blood pressure, heart rate and O2 sats are within normal limits. We monitor vitals before, during and after our session, especially while prescribing ther ex, to be aware of issues such as orthostatic hypotension, hypertension and tachycardia.⁠
·  vitals are communicated as an IDT approach now through entering into PCC, but also verbally communicated to other departments/IDT when there is a reading outside of normal limits.
Instagram post 18008378386130683 I’m proud of my mom for getting employee of the month for the 2nd time.  She works really hard all the time. #capliconation #legendoaks #SheisLegendary2me
Instagram post 18128319796124787 Agatha Pedro, OTR, DOR, CTO @ Timberwood, Livingston, TX: Agatha has only began to tap into her potential as a therapy leader, and we are honored to recognize Agatha Pedro as Chief Therapy Officer.
Instagram post 17856666163424995 This group of incredible people are the reason I look forward to Monday mornings every week! #SummerfieldFamily #2018EnsignFlagAwardWinners #Celebrating #CAPLICONation #Ensign #ThePlaceWhereEveryoneWantsToBe #DreamJob
Instagram post 17886129895705090 Cara Koepsel, SLP, DOR, CTO @ Golden Acres, Dallas, TX: It has been truly amazing to watch Cara grow into this tremendous therapy leader and watch her partner with an amazing CEO Rick Forscutt, and COO Karen Calma to finish out the trifecta here and we are so thrilled to announce her new title as a Chief Therapy Officer (CTO).
Instagram post 18070123384192760 One of my humans didn’t take me to her meeting. I have some competition on being the perfect work dog. I need some lessons from Bianca! #capliconation #caplicowell #workingdog  #7habits #bestworkculture #ensigntherapy
Instagram post 18037111975279271 About the Natalie Blasczienski Award:⁠
Last year we introduced a new special award, that in essence, emulates the spirit and incredible human being of Natalie Blasczienski. Natalie was a PT at Legends Euless, TX when the facility was transitioned into the Ensign affiliated family in 2016 as part of the larger Legends acquisition. At the time of transition, the DOR decided to leave and remain with the outgoing company, Natalie stepped up to become the DOR. She had not been a manager before, but she worked diligently to learn what she needed to do to lead her new team with a new company and new systems. Natalie truly evolved as a leader, showing ownership for her department, love for her team and compassion for her residents. While at our 2018 Annual Therapy leadership meeting, Natalie found out she had breast cancer. While this would have stopped many people in their tracks, Natalie persevered, she took the initiative to work from home on days when the treatment kept her down, never giving up hope and never letting her family or her team down. She completed her chemo treatments the first week of January, 2019 and we were all relieved and excited for her. . .Unfortunately, what we didn’t know was that the chemo had taken its toll, as a rare reaction to the treatment had done serious damage to Natalie’s heart. We lost Natalie on March 7, 2019. In 2019 we created the Natalie Blasczienski Award that is given out annually to a therapy leader who exhibits the qualities as noted below.⁠
-->click the link in our bio to learn more about the award and place your nominations today.
Instagram post 18173785393030625 Cara Koepsel from Golden Acres says "I just wanted to quickly share a story from over here at GA.⁠
One of our residents passed away this weekend, and it never gets easier. The family reached out to me and the social worker in hopes of getting a copy of her grandmother's life story board, she wanted to utilize it to aid in writing her obituary. To think that the Abilities Care Approach Program could in such a trying and upsetting time, bring joy and meaning to a grieving family is truly amazing.⁠
What an important program this is, and what a reminder that what we are doing in therapy every day matters maybe more than it ever has before. Let's keep up our LTC programming and remind ourselves that we continue to make a huge difference in our residents lives!"
Instagram post 18153919090068083 Dennis Baloy at St Elizabeth put together a beautiful short reminder and encouragement video to show us that we are all in this together. Wearing a mask saves lives!⁠
-->click the link in our bio to watch the video
Instagram post 17873533507878329 Barry Port shares "Pretty amazing to reflect on what our field leaders, resources and SC partners accomplished in the quarter in spite of what we’re facing.  Makes me proud to be a part of this group."⁠
-->Check the link in our Bio to read the full article!
Instagram post 17954618848052962 I think tangster_the_gangster and I need to start charging royalties. One of my humans used our photos in welcome signs for the Ensign Therapy Leadership meeting. 🙂 #capliconation
Instagram post 17856455807150832 Barbara Mohrle OTR at Keystone North shares ⁠
"We received this sweet note this morning and I thought we could probably all use this today!⁠
I love her sentiment, ⁠
“Tough Times Don’t Last. Tough People Do.”⁠
We’re the toughest people I know and we will get through this madness!!"
Instagram post 17891464423628418 Legend Healthcare & Rehab in Greenville held a car wash for all employees who wanted their car washed while they were working. They had a great time and ended up washing over 35 cars! is a virtual meeting place for therapists working with or interested in careers at Ensign-affiliated facilities.

New grad? Looking for a change? If you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, occupational therapist, OT assistant, or a speech language pathologist, we welcome you to search and apply for current therapy jobs at facilities located throughout the United States. Visit the therapy careers page for more information.


Celebrating our Patient’s Success 

This is our skilled rehab patient, Mr. Hammond. He has been at our facility for two weeks for a broken hip. He made good progress and reached his goals just in time for his 88th birthday. Our rehab department  went out and got him a card and a pecan pie (his favorite) to celebrate his birthday, which happened to be the same day as his last therapy session. Our entire gym surprised him and sang happy birthday which brought him to tears. He said, “Thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday.”

Submitted by Larissa Osio MS, OTR/L, DOR, Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation, Prescott, AZ