Welcome to our 2019 Therapy Leadership Experience! An experience invokes a feeling of excitement and anticipation for something to be remembered. An experience is also something that you do, actively, to extract the maximum growth and personal expansion; we chose to call this event an experience rather than a meeting for this very reason. This time of historical change in our industry calls on us to be impactful, game-changing leaders. We have gathered the best in the industry – YOU – to engage, exchange ideas, learn, grow… and, at the heart of it all, Love One Another.

We will be introducing ways for you to LOVE developing your mind, your spirit, and your physical health through our new WELL (We Embrace Loving, Living, Longer Life).

Our break-out Think Tanks have targeted support from our leaders at the top of their game, challenging you to expand and grow. We also have key note engagers from our own leadership teams to help us better understand what sets us apart.

Most importantly, we have you, and together we are a family of unique-minded professionals committed to collaboration, growth, love, and fun. The spirit of the next 2 days will live on as long as you, the leader, commit to teaching and sharing with your teams.

We are grateful and excited that you are here! Go EXPERIENCE!