Instagram post 17846327879145607 Maricela Garcia shares, "As we are completing our 5th week of COVID outbreak at Veranda, we just managed to get in our OT Month celebration!  Our OT staff (Phil, OT; Hector, COTA; and Sergio, COTA prn) were there from the beginning which we have affectionately called Hell Week. We had no PT staff other than Vanessa Munoz, PTA/Fearless Leader/TPM and myself during the first week.  They not only kept therapy in high gear but took CNA shifts including night shifts; came in on weekends; showered residents; weighed residents; fed residents and the list could go on and on.  They are true HEROs!!⁠
I have to include a huge Shoutout for Vanessa who has been a warrior.  She has worked every weekend since the inception and  has been side-by-side with the staff leading by example!⁠
The remaining team that was out on quarantine is mostly back (COTA and SLP still out due to COVID illness). We all work in full PPE every day and continue to provide our residents/patients the human element of recovery.  It’s been a privilege to work with this fantastic team.⁠
A heartfelt thanks to all that have sent out prayers; positive vibes and food/goodies.⁠
All are greatly appreciated.⁠
Thank you!!"
Instagram post 17882426962434078 Kudos to these OT and PT clinicians who came from multiple ENDURA facilities in Colorado last weekend to complete the Online LSVT BIG Training and Certification together! They were able to learn and practice together in a great, team-building experience. A very special thank you to Jenny Kuehn, Maryann Bowles, and Jennifer Wintle for organizing this group learning opportunity for your therapists. #LSVTBIG #CAPLICONation
Instagram post 18014179114282644 A huge congratulations are in order for the team at Claremont as they win their 10TH OUTSTANDING THERAPY AWARD! 🎊
Instagram post 17854654885698312 ... secret santa 2019 , minus my favorite speechie allycooper818 ❤️ #Capliconation #sweaterweather #secretsanta #holidayseason #epar
Instagram post 17868650359772041 Jeff Fletcher from the Mt Ogden facilities had his father put together an antique car parade that drove through allowing the residents to enjoy a much needed breath of fresh air while seeing awesome old cars! Thank you so much to Gary and his father for this creative entertainment!!
Instagram post 17851105472076869 Carolyn Pluta says, "Arvada therapy is #stayingstrong .. and spry apparently J Sending so much love to our sister facilities!!!!"
Instagram post 17865697789805978 Nicole King says, "Our activities department did not let Covid-19 stop them from celebrating Cinco De Mayo!! We had a human piñata walking around the building so residents could hit her with pool noodles to get candy! There were  virgin margaritas too!! Tracy Able is such a rock star for putting this together and we are beyond lucky to have her at Ridgeview!!! "
Instagram post 17880953182524745 Caplico FAUCHON <Raspberry> 8Sticks 💰 350.- ขนมเวเฟอร์กรุบกรอบแบบโคนสีชมพู ที่อัดแน่นไปด้วยช็อคโกแลตเนื้อนุ่มฟูรสราสเบอร์รี่ อร่อย...หอม...ละมุน...ลงตัว

เด็กทานได้ ผู้ใหญ่ทานเพลิน
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Instagram post 17879349931627281 In May we Celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month!⁠
Please join us in A HUGE THANK-YOU to all of our Speech-Language Pathologists and Students for improving the lives of so many patients!!
Instagram post 17848737947087296 Nursing home week day ✌🏽 #crazysocks #crazyhair #ensign #capliconation
Instagram post 17847088046057072 We got this 👊🏽
#ensign #capliconation #covid19
Instagram post 18098657725150637 HCR of Colorado Springs Therapy Staff takes a Heart Shaped snapshot sending back some love after receiving some amazing shirts from Maryann Bowles! With the message to stay STRONG, we WILL make it through this!
Instagram post 17867391784773204 St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation is hosting an ongoing portrait series for their residents amidst the pandemic. The staff dresses and dolls up their lovely residents for a fun day of photo shoot at the facility. ⁠
"Let's all continue to be beacons of light, hope and love to our residents!" ~Rizalito Ortiz⁠
Instagram post 17911129291438092 George Foreman (American former Professional Boxer) called out virtual Bingo for Heritage Gardens! ⁠
"Our employees were able to enjoy him on the big screen in our day room, walking through and waving hello. He turned a normal day of quarantine into a special event we will never forget! He was so personable with the residents, calling them by name, making jokes and celebrating wins."⁠
~Felicia Muniz⁠
Instagram post 17866933696724500 I woof you!! 🐶♥️ #capliconation #snf #rehabilitation #lbc #puppylove
Instagram post 17860423009866740 In a facility in San Antonio, TX OT Julie Vargas played her violin for the residents as they sat in their doorways and listened to the music. It really helped the residents to be able to see and even wave at each other from their doors as they enjoyed the beautiful music.⁠
Instagram post 17856666163424995 This group of incredible people are the reason I look forward to Monday mornings every week! #SummerfieldFamily #2018EnsignFlagAwardWinners #Celebrating #CAPLICONation #Ensign #ThePlaceWhereEveryoneWantsToBe #DreamJob
Instagram post 18093424702162117 Disha Desai shares "Upland Rehab shares their effort to bring a smile to the faces of their staff and residents during this unprecedented time. Residents were so amused to see our therapists with smiley stickers on the masks, some residents even asked for one for themselves!" is a virtual meeting place for therapists working with or interested in careers at Ensign-affiliated facilities.

New grad? Looking for a change? If you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, occupational therapist, OT assistant, or a speech language pathologist, we welcome you to search and apply for current therapy jobs at facilities located throughout the United States. Visit the therapy careers page for more information.


Celebrating our Patient’s Success 

This is our skilled rehab patient, Mr. Hammond. He has been at our facility for two weeks for a broken hip. He made good progress and reached his goals just in time for his 88th birthday. Our rehab department  went out and got him a card and a pecan pie (his favorite) to celebrate his birthday, which happened to be the same day as his last therapy session. Our entire gym surprised him and sang happy birthday which brought him to tears. He said, “Thank you for making me feel so special on my birthday.”

Submitted by Larissa Osio MS, OTR/L, DOR, Granite Creek Health and Rehabilitation, Prescott, AZ