Carly Peevers — Passionate About Think Thin

Submitted by Dominic DeLaquil, Therapy Resource, ID/NV

Carly Peevers is an SLP out of Rosewood Rehabilitation in Reno, Nevada. Carly is passionate about giving great clinical care and has recently taken on an educational role within the Pennant, Idaho/Nevada, market.

Carly has been an employee at Rosewood since 2015. In her first year at Rosewood, she worked collaboratively with the kitchen team to revamp the menus so that the diet recommendations match with the diets provided by the food services company. Since then, she has worked hard to train new and existing kitchen staff on diet restrictions and make sure they are comfortable with the administration of current diet orders. She has also worked with CNA and nursing staff to communicate actively when diets change to ensure the entire team is collaborating with regard to patient care.

Carly, along with the entire speech team at Rosewood, believes passionately in upgrading patients to thin liquids as quickly and safely as possible. Carly leads this initiative by educating staff on current lists of patients on thickened liquids and directing care in such a way that they are upgraded as quickly as possible. At any given moment, Rosewood never has more than a few patients on thickened liquids. She also recently trained the SLPs in her cluster on the value of reducing thickened liquids.

When the International Dysphagia Diets Standardization Initiative (IDDSI) was released in May 2019, Carly championed the transition by talking with the kitchen managers and Registered Dieticians and educating nursing staff on the levels to prepare us for the change. She attended trainings with speech therapists from all over the city to create a collaboration through the SLP network of acute, Rehab, SNF and Home Health SLPs.

Carly is truly a dedicated therapist, and Rosewood is so proud of all of her hard work!