Caitlin Colteryahn, OT, TEACHA at The Healthcare Resort of Leawood, KS

By Danielle Banman, DOR, The Healthcare Resort of Leawood, KS
Caitlin Colteryahn is our lead occupational therapist here at The Healthcare Resort of Leawood and has been with us for four years. Caitlin graduated from Rockhurst University in 2014. She has been married for 10 years and has two boys. She loves spending time outdoors and traveling, especially with friends and family.

Caitlin is an outstanding occupational therapist and is passionate about developing programs for maximizing independence for our residents with dementia. She received advanced training in dementia care in March 2020 to earn the title of Therapy Expert for Abilities Care Holistic Approach (TEACHA). Caitlin has developed an amazing program here at our facility and enjoys teaching other occupational therapists in our market about this program to improve the quality of life for all individuals with dementia that we have the privilege to serve.

Caitlin says this of our program: “I believe it is incredibly important, now more than ever, that we as clinicians use the tools available to us and our clinical knowledge to help develop and implement strategies based on our residents’ functional cognition and strengths to reduce their risk of decline, promote engagement, and for overall quality of life. I love and it is an honor to work with this population, as we have the resources to really get to know who our residents are, what makes them the person they are today, and then to use that knowledge to help them achieve their goals. As a TEACHA, the pandemic has complicated the ability to be able to go into other facilities to help implement programming. However, I have been able to collaborate with other clinicians in and outside of our market through email/phone in order to help support them to utilize the Abilities Care strength-based programming to help reach the needs of their residents.”

Jihan Antipolo-Baldonado, Rehab Aide: The Secret Sauce 

By Carlos Pineda, CTO/DOR, Southland Care Center, Norwalk, CA
“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results” – Andrew Carnegie. It is fascinating to watch an organization continue climbing up and inspiring the members to be the best they can be despite unpreventable hiccups. As you dissect this great phenomenon, you will always find those who are the concrete and steel of the institution. They are usually the quiet, humble but full-of-smiles individual or group that is sitting behind. You can feel their presence in any space and even more when they are not around. They are culture lovers. They are the catalyst for innovation. They spark love among individuals.

When the Momentum market gave me an opportunity to manage two great buildings, Southland Care Center and Downey Post-Acute, there was one person who stepped behind me and whispered, “This opportunity is best for our patients and therapists.” She did not see the struggle that I was heading into, but the opportunity of spreading our core values. I always feel proud, with teary eyes, every time I brag about this person to my colleagues when they ask about our best practices. My answer is that our secret sauce is Jihan Antipolo. She has been in Southland Care Center for 17 years, consistently doing great things over and over again, like the hedgehog. I do not consider her as our rehab tech but a “Resource” for all the departments of both facilities. There was a time during the beginning of the pandemic where everyone was so stressed out about where to secure PPE. Jihan did not waste a second to begin reaching out to different organizations giving donations, like PPE, hand sanitizer, alcohols, food, vitamins, etc. Instead of feeling the uncertainty, we felt the sense of being blessed. These were also shared with our sister facilities.

As I witnessed how both buildings experienced their bumpy road and how they continued to drive toward greatness, there is only thing that I know: We have Jihan Antipolo weaving every strand of the web to make it stronger and purposeful over and over again. Thanks, Jhie. We love you!

Jessica Ballera, COTA, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation, Fullerton, CA

By Dennis Baloy, OTD, OTR/L, DOR/Therapy Resource, CA
All in the Family
Jessica’s career as a therapist in an Ensign-affiliated facility was inspired from way back. When she was a little girl, she distinctly remembered how her grandmother was being taken care of by therapists of an Ensign affiliated facility. To this date, she vividly remembers her grandma’s smile after every therapy session. She reminisces about this image of her grandmother all throughout her life.

Her family is also not new to the therapy world. Her mom, Jasmine, is also an Occupational Therapist Assistant working with our company. Together with her Mom’s guidance and Jessica’s love of therapy, Jessica eventually obtained her degree as a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant from Stanbridge University in 2018. She worked as a part time employee to explore her options and eventually was hired full time at St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Fullerton, CA.

“I find that the greatest part about the St. Elizabeth team is how they give me the ability to shine and grow in my specialties. I feel supported in all of my out-of-the box ideas.” Jessica explained when asked what she loved about being part of the organization. She also added that what truly motivates her are the “Moments of Truth” she encounters on a daily basis. She looks forward to making a difference in someone’s life, to give them hope, and to help create a purpose for her patients. This for her is the greatest selfless joy she experiences and constantly looks forward to.

Jessica is also always available to help out other facilities around our area. She is well-liked by her peers and patients. She always brightens any room she enters and even more so the lives she touches. All of these attributes lead the Therapy Resources to choose her to be a part of the Momentum Culture Committee whose mission is to help facilitate and promote culture within the clusters. Not to mention, “O” for Ownership is her favorite CAPLICO value! Her inclusion will certainly tap her potential to further her positive influence to other therapists in the market.

Jessica is truly a gem of St. Elizabeth and our Ensign-Affiliated Facilities!

Congratulations, Jacob Barnes, Bandera’s Newest CTO 

By Shelby Donahoo, Therapy Resource, Tucson, AZ
We are proud to honor Jacob Barnes, PTA, TPM, at Park Avenue Health and Rehab in Tucson, AZ!
Jacob has been with Ensign at Park Avenue since 2013 and truly exemplifies CAPLICO culture. Jacob’s ED, Jordan Monson, says Jacob “is like salt: He’s sprinkled into every nook and cranny that is Park Avenue.” In other words, while Jacob leads a large rehab team with strong outcomes clinically and operationally, his ownership over the years is way beyond the Rehab department.

2020 led to some exceptionally tough times for all, but Jacob’s leadership shined through in this pandemic. In between serving meals, moving beds, and working all hours to support the facility, he quadrupled long-term care revenue, increasing margin by 8%. This was accomplished by concerted and thoughtful implementation of holistic programming to meet the growing needs of Park’s residents. He developed leaders in his team, such as our Bandera Abilities TEACHA, and created a designated long-term care lead and team. He helped facilitate support and communication with market DORs as challenges arose during COVID.

So here’s a perfect example of why Jacob is CTO: December 18 was his surprise CTO celebration. While facility staff, folks from all over the market, and even DORs from Phoenix (who drove two hours) congregated outside, Jacob’s co-worker was to distract him and then bring him out to “go to lunch” once he was texted that all was ready. The text to come went out, and we waited, poised with confetti — and waited some more. Finally we got a text back — Jacob was busy giving a resident a haircut! After another 15 minutes, the text came that he was done and they were headed outside. And we waited. Another text came from the co-worker: Jacob was stopping to answer call lights on the way. True and awesome story.

Thank you for all you do for your residents, facility, Bandera and the full organization, Jacob! And for your unwavering wit and humor along the way.

Therapist Profile - Dennis Baloy

By Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource
Dennis Baloy is one of our more recent additions to the Ensign affiliated therapy leadership team. As the Director of Rehabilitation at St. Elizabeth Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center, Dennis immediately recognized our unique culture: “I just want everyone to know how lucky I feel to be part of this wonderful organization that truly embodies the value of Customer Second, where we as therapists and employees are celebrated, valued and appreciated. I am even more humbled to be surrounded by really bright, talented and passionate leaders. Everyone is so inspiring in their unique ways. Collectively, this is what truly sets us apart!”

Dennis has been a therapist for 15 years and a Director of Rehabilitation for the past eight years. He graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy in the Philippines and later completed his Clinical Doctorate in Occupational Therapy with Geriatric Certification in the United States. As a child, Dennis always wanted to become a doctor and thought therapy might be a stepping stone to that career. However, as he immersed himself in his first OT internship, Dennis realized that OT was it for him — a career that would allow him to care for others, be creative and be human. Dennis has two brothers who are his biggest inspiration and mentors: Paul and Kirby. “They are the biggest reasons why I am where I am with my career,” Dennis says.

During the Ensign transition at St. Elizabeth, Dennis saw that culture was a top priority. “It was refreshing to see how involved all employees are in the facility. No longer does each department feel separate from one another. Every staff member is valued equally and has a voice. The support from our resources and Service Center is always present when you need it — this was definitely a big change in mindset for me coming from a corporate hierarchical structure,” Dennis remembers.

Dennis says that his biggest challenge has been being new in our company, new in his role and then having relentless COVID outbreaks in the community to deal with. “It has been stressful at times, but for the most part it is just a big challenge that I am willing to face. I feel like I don’t know a lot of things and that I still need to learn a lot of technical items, but I am excited to listen and grow. There is a huge sense of fulfillment if you know you can be of service to others and spread positive and enriching influence.”

Dennis has shown himself to be a wonderful leader. He loves being able to see his colleagues go out on their own and feel like they can do their jobs well because they feel valued, appreciated, empowered and loved. “Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that they love coming to work, they love their patients and their profession, and they can provide for their families and be themselves,” Dennis explains, “My favorite core value is Love One Another. Love at its core is selfless — the moment we think less of ourselves and more of the betterment of others. This allows us to build a community of trust, and this trust allows us to better serve our facility, our patients and our community.”

Dennis finds mentors throughout his facility. “I see everyone in my facility as my mentor,” he says. “I learn so much from each of the department heads and especially my administrator and DON — they all have strong attributes that complement each other and the whole facility.” Dennis also loves his nursing team and treats them like family. He has been able to build strong relationships with nursing through honest and genuine communication.

In his off-work hours, Dennis is passionate about photography and videography. He owns his own company, and pre-COVID, was very busy providing those services at weddings and other events. He still spends a lot of time taking photos and creating videos for fun. Dennis has also fallen in love with the world of triathlons and has set a goal to complete an Ironman competition in 2021. Favorite movies include “Braveheart,” “50 First Dates,” “Memento,” “Crash,” “Into the Wild” and a variety of Disney movies that he watches with his family.

As for the future, Dennis is focused on both family and work. “I would just love to see my daughter grow to be a nice kid — a good, smiling and happy kid. I want her to get to be who she wants to be and be happy doing that and being helpful to others. I have a goal to spend more quality time with my wife at home and hopefully some future trips together.” Dennis is looking forward to seeing his facility GROW. His goal is to serve more residents with inpatient and outpatient services and be recognized in the community as a skilled nursing facility that provides excellent clinical care that is warm, loving and inviting. He would also love to help spread this to the other Ensign affiliates in his area.

It always seems like something magical and wonderful has happened when a great therapist finds a great place to work and grow. Magic is definitely happening at St. Elizabeth!

Huge Shout-Out to Emblem Hospice

By Doug Haney, CEO/ED, Bella Vita Health & Rehabilitation Center, Glendale, AZ

I wanted to recognize this very special “Moment of Truth-esk” gesture that the entire staff of Bella Vita experienced recently. A couple weeks back, our staff was pretty worn down and experiencing a wide range of emotions dealing with the effects felt from this coronavirus. Everyone was especially hurt when we lost several of our long, long-term residents we all called family. We loved each and every one of those we lost and needed some serious support for those who knew them well.

Out of the blue, Michael and Mitch stepped in, offering a memorial service to honor and remember those we lost over the past several months. They set everything up, even though I knew their services were widely needed during that time. I can honestly tell you we cried and held each other a lot during that time. We were grateful for Emblem’s offering and kindness when we needed it the most. One of them brought a grill on wheels (not sure whose it was, but it is pretty sweet) and cooked up burgers and hot dogs for all the staff over a four-hour period. It was hot outside, but Michael didn’t seem to mind it — it was 115 that day. 

At 2 p.m. in our main dining room, staff joined together and were allowed to share special memories about their lost friends and then place a leaf with their name on a potted tree. It was good to get together to reminisce, reflect, and realize we were blessed to be a part of their lives.

On behalf of the entire Bella Vita Team, THANK YOU MITCH, MICHAEL AND EMBLEM HOSPICE. You truly made our day!

Congratulations to Keystone’s Newest CTOs

By Jon Anderson, Therapy Resource, Texas
I wanted to take a few moments to celebrate our newest CTOs (Chief Therapy Officers) in Keystone. The CTO designation is the highest designation a therapy leader in the organization can receive; it is a tall order to be in this elite club. Please join me in congratulating this elite group of Texas leaders!

There is so much to say about these two incredible ladies, but I’ll keep this short and just share a few highlights.

Cara Koepsel, SLP, DOR, CTO, Golden Acres, Dallas, TX 
Cara became the DOR at Golden Acres in May 2018, after being one of our first DORITOs (Director of Rehab in Training) in Keystone, and then successfully transitioning to DOR (Director of Rehab) at Lake Village for nine months. When Cara came to Golden Acres, the therapy department was doing well financially and operationally in key therapy metrics; however, Cara reminded us that GOOD is the enemy of GREAT.

Cara truly is the epitome of ownership, and quickly jumped in at Golden Acres. In fact, there isn’t a function in the facility that she is not willing to take on herself or assist with as needed. She has learned how to run payer verifications for when the BOM is off; she reviews the 24-hour report and clinical documentation to identify skill in place patients; she coaches the MDs on peer-to-peer reviews for insurance authorizations, and also plays a vital role in the Keystone North market with the education and training of our other DORs.

Cara has sprinkled her expertise in the market by assisting in the training of three additional DORITOs that are now also DORs of facilities in Keystone. She has been asked to present at many therapy leader meetings, and even at the annual Ensign leadership meeting in Dallas this past year. PNSD has steadily been above $60 for well over a year (amazing!), and Golden Acres is always in the top few buildings for productivity and cost per minute. It has been truly amazing to watch Cara grow into this tremendous therapy leader and watch her partner with an amazing CEO, Rick Forscutt, and COO Karen Calma to finish out the trifecta here, and we are so thrilled to announce her new title as a Chief Therapy Officer (CTO).

Agatha Pedro, OTR, DOR, CTO, Timberwood, Livingston, TX
Agatha relocated from outside the state of Texas into a city with such charm, known as Livingston, TX, four years ago to help lead the therapy team at Timberwood. The shift from what she was familiar with could have been a tough adjustment for some, but Agatha stepped right in and embraced the city and facility with open arms.

The transition came with some growing pains such as a very limited therapy team, ever-changing department heads, and very linear therapy services that were offered. In a short amount of time, Agatha has nearly doubled her therapy team through strong partnership efforts with our Keystone Therapy Recruiter, Richard Johnson. Agatha made a conscious decision to create an interview process that was inclusive with other team members. She prides herself on her onboarding process so each new team member can be fully immersed with the Ensign experience.

There have been changes within the leadership team at Timberwood, but those changes did not impede the flow of progress. With humility and vocal confidence, Agatha supports the needs of other departments by being an actionable leader. Patient care has always remained at the forefront, as evidenced by Agatha’s competitive productivity standards that she maintains as an Occupational Therapist. She understands the operational demands of her role as Director of Rehab, but she knows that her clinical impact provides greater depth in the overall scope.

As a DOR, some may be intimidated to comfortably partner with their ED and DON … not Agatha. Agatha will initiate meetings, bring ideas, and execute tasks through strategic implementation processes. Prior to Agatha, the therapy department had very limited programs and led a very traditional process in the services that were offered. In four short years, the Timberwood facility now offers a variety of programs and therapy services that rival competitors.

Prior to the start of the pandemic, Timberwood was on track to have a strong growth in outpatient, far more than they have ever had in the past. The reputation of the therapy department created a pathway for patients to discharge and return for outpatient services. Agatha is LSVT Big certified; this is a world-recognized certification used in treating movement aspects of Parkinson’s disease. Long-term care programming has been a goal for Agatha, and she has steadfastly kept her focus there for the last two years. Through her passion for learning and intelligent risk taking, she has transformed long-term care at Timberwood.

We are half-way through 2020, and Agatha is projected to finish the year with her highest revenue performance to date. More importantly, the clinical backbone has remained solid. Therapy continually finishes with exceptional MSCA scores, and therapy has also maintained a vested interest in helping to support the quality metric performance. Agatha has only begun to tap into her potential as a therapy leader, and we are honored to recognize Agatha Pedro as Chief Therapy Officer.


Natalie Blasczienski Award Winner

Congratulations, Dawn Thompson, DOR, Victoria Post Acute Care — Winner of the Natalie Blasczienski Award
Submitted by Jon Anderson, Therapy Resource, Keystone

During our Annual Therapy Leadership meeting, I had the honor and privilege to announce this year’s Natalie Blasczienski Award winner. This award, established in 2019, in essence, emulates the spirit and incredible human being of Natalie Blasczienski. Natalie was a PT and DOR at Legend Euless, Texas (now known as Westpark). She was often described as a superhero for her patients, a mentor/coach for her therapy/IDT team, and a proud momma of two young boys. Natalie’s spirit and enthusiasm was palpable, and she enriched the lives of countless seniors, through her selfless dedication to helping others.

In the summer of 2019, Natalie was diagnosed with breast cancer (she was in her early 30s). During her chemo intervention, she persevered and continued to work full time, never skipping a beat, and later that year she went into intermission. We were so excited, for we thought she had beat it, but unfortunately she had a rare reaction to the chemo treatment that resulted in severe cardiac damage, and we forever lost her physical presence in March 2019. However, her spirit is still very much alive, as Natalie made so many of us feel like family. Many of us will never forget how powerful of a presence she was; she never knew a stranger. With this award, we honor Natalie and the award winner who is nominated by their therapy team.

Through a survey nomination process, therapy teams across our affiliates shared so many countless stories about how their therapy leader was deserving. It was an incredible response, and the committee had a very difficult time determining who the winner would be. Those who nominated Dawn gave the following answers to our questions.

How has your therapy leader displayed unconditional love to your team, facility, and residents?
This therapy leader often leads with “I love you all” or “I’m so proud of our team!” One staff member describes her favorite: “You have a crazy day of documentation — I’m picking you up a coffee, what kind?” Isn’t that cool? Additionally, the team notices that this therapy leader is often the last department head to leave the building and is frequently caught volunteering after hours to do games and activities for the residents.

How has your therapy leader shown unwavering dedication to bettering your therapy team? Facility? And quality of life for the residents?
This therapy leader is described as the Michael Jordan of Rehab, making an immediate impact from the start. In fact, the rehab program has grown tremendously through the tireless efforts of this leader in supporting and facilitating education and training of the many new program offerings. This explosive growth has led the facility to add a second therapy gym. Furthermore, communication between therapy and nursing has been dramatically improved by the rollout of several communications so that both know the patients individualized needs. Therapy can communicate with nursing through “Emojis of Care” while nursing can fill out a “Hey Therapy” card to let therapy know if any resident has had a change in functional level, strength, balance, etc.

How has your therapy leader stepped up in the face of adversity and shown leadership in times of turmoil?
This facility was one of the first Ensign affiliates, as well as one of the first nursing homes in her region, to have a COVID-19 outbreak. Little was known about COVID at the time, and many residents/staff were sick. This therapy leader led by example, through exhibiting unconditional strength, love and courage.

Bringing the Fair to The Pines

Submitted by Joleen Linn, Therapy Resource, Wisconsin
From August 31 to September 4, The Pines Post-Acute & Memory Care in Clintonville, Wisconsin, decided to bring the fair to our facility. During COVID-19, the residents in our building have been having a hard time not seeing family or friends, or joining the community’s fun events that have been canceled due to the pandemic. With a few good ideas and some event planning, we decided to make The Pines into a fair. Who doesn’t love games, prizes and delicious food? Each day throughout the week, we planned a special day for each and every resident and staff member to make their day a little brighter.

Bringing the fair to The Pines Post-Acute & Memory Care has given us the biggest smiles throughout the week. We are very grateful for everyone who helped us in preparing for this week. We all know this year hasn’t been easy due to COVID, but there’s always some way to make their days a little brighter.

Day 1: Polka music, sun drop slushies, cheese curds 
Roger Hartwig played music outside for everyone. He sang and played polka music with his accordion. Many of the residents sang along, danced and enjoyed the classic songs. Along with the music, the management team passed out sun drop slushies, cheese curds, onion rings, French fries and pickle pucks for everyone. We really wanted everyone to feel like they were at the fair.

Day 2: Bingo, bean bag toss and mini corn dogs
Today we had games spread out all over the building for residents to participate in and win prizes. One of the games the residents really enjoyed was playing bag toss. As the residents threw the bags through the holes, they got a chance to pick any prize they wanted out of the box. It consisted of calendars, candy and sweets, coloring books, stuffed animals and much more!

Day 3: Petting zoo with horses, dogs and goats 
Day three was one of the most exciting days for our staff and our residents. We had horses, goats and a few dogs for everyone to see and pet. First came the horses: Prima the brown horse and Mister the white one. Then we had Luna the rodeo dog and the goats!

Day 4: Cream puffs and indoor games
Homemade cream puffs by The Pines activities director Kim! She made over 60 homemade cream puffs for all the residents and the staff. We had many games, including tip the pyramid, bag toss, plinko and pick a duck!

Day 5: Water Balloons, burger cookout and ice cream bars 
Our last day, we had a cookout outside, including burgers and ice cream bars for all the staff and residents for lunch. We also had water balloons for a little bit of fun!

Therapist Profile: Joe Pergamo, PT/DOR, Puyallup, WA

Submitted by Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource
Meet Joe Pergamo (pictured top left), the Director of Rehabilitation at Rainier Rehabilitation in Puyallup, Washington. Joe joined our organization in March 2019 and has become a huge part of the Pennant Washington team, not only as a stand out leader in his own facility, but also as someone who pitches in for any of our Washington facilities if they need help. He has even driven five hours (one way) to Walla Walla on a repeat basis when they were short a physical therapist.

“Joe is a remarkable leader! He has been instrumental in increasing the awareness amongst the staff at Rainier’s rehab team of the benefits of providing therapy services to residents to maintain their optimal function,” says Brett Watson, the ED at Rainier Rehabilitation. “He has demonstrated through his leadership how to improve the quality of life of our residents through consistent rehab interventions and skills. Joe is patient, kind and long suffering. He is not only supportive of his therapy team, but he gets in and supports nursing, activities, and business office staff with their needs. He does this while maintaining a strong productivity percentage.”

“Joe leads with humor, kindness, and the altruistic belief that therapy changes lives for the better. He is humble and leads by example with true ownership of his program,” says Mira Waszak, the Therapy Resource for Washington.

Joe was inspired to become a therapist because he wanted to work in health care and enjoyed working out and fitness. Initially, he obtained his PTA degree but went back to school to earn his Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. He heard about a DOR opening at Rainier from a former supervisor who put him in contact with Mira to learn more. “I had spoken to Mira several times, and she was very helpful and encouraged me to become a rehab director. She provided excellent mentoring to ease me into the role. I met Brett and Stacy (the ED and DNS at Rainier) along with several RCMs, and I believed it was an excellent opportunity for me to be a director. I was impressed with Brett and Stacy’s approach and style and the way they cared for long-term care residents,” Joe remembers.

Joe’s favorite Ensign core value is Ownership. “I believe when employees take pride and responsibility in and for their work, it elevates everyone’s quality of care. Pride and ownership are contagious. When you are around other people who have ownership, it makes the ‘work’ more rewarding. You don’t want to let yourself, your co-workers or residents down. I feel that there are many owners at Rainier in the therapy department and throughout the facility and we all feed off of that positive energy.”

This affinity for ownership is not going unnoticed by the facility administrator. “Joe is faced with multiple challenges in caring for residents that have many needs. Joe is providing care to residents who need airway support — patients who need a level of care that is unique and challenging. He has not been afraid to get in and learn how to provide services to these individuals that have benefited these folks in many ways,” says Brett Watson.

Joe loves his facility and team because the entire facility is very devoted and dedicated to their residents. They practice holistic and selfless interaction with their patients. Joe is a strong believer in co-treatments and collaborative care and he works hard to be mindful of recommendations from all disciplines. “I always try to be open to opportunities to provide therapy services to improve residents’ quality of life,” Joe says. ”I believe all residents are therapy candidates and we just have to be open to all opportunities.”

When not working, Joe is spending time with his wife, son and three dogs. He is in the midst of a home and yard renovation and also makes time to exercise. He loves living in Washington, which he feels is the perfect mix of metropolitan life and breathtaking nature, home-town charm and cultural diversity. For any of you science fiction buffs out there, Joe’s favorite movie is the “Back to the Future” series.

“I call Joe my diamond in the rough,” says Mira. “He is very introverted but he doesn’t let that impact his effectiveness as a leader. I have had the privilege to treat patients with him side by side, so I have first- hand experience of his clinical excellence! On top of everything else that has been thrown at our leaders this crazy year, Joe has gone through some serious personal challenges but continues to show up 150% every day – #belikejoe!”

The feeling is mutual. “Mira is an excellent mentor and resource,” Joe says. “She provides motivation and encouragement every time we interact. Although I have only known her for just over a year, it seems like we have been friends for many years. Mira provides hard truth, sound advice, humor and truly listens to my concerns.”