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Therapy/Nursing Partnership

Submitted by Paola DeLuna, Therapy Resource Hope Eaton (DON) and Sunny Chahal (DOR) at Eastview Healthcare in Houston, TX, have worked together for five years as a DOR/DON team. They both started working together while being new and have grown

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Super Heroes at City Creek!

By Gary McGiven, Therapy Resource, Milestone The employees at City Creek Post-Acute in Salt Lake City, Utah, truly are superheroes. City Creek has partnered with the state to become a COVID-only building. As part of this partnership, City Creek was

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The 5 E’s – The St. Elizabeth Story

By Dennis Baloy, OT/DOR, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation, Fullerton, CA The acquisition of St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation happened in May 2019. The transition was remarkably successful, but it did not come without challenges. Equipped with knowledge and guidance

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