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A COPD Case Study

At Northeast Nursing and Rehabilitation, we cared for a 77-year-old white male who had been recently hospitalized for acute cholecystitis. His PMH included CAD, a pacemaker, cardiac stents, HTN and COPD. The patient presented with a variety of problems, including

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Happy Feet Effect on Quality of Life

As the efficacy of medical treatments increases, the average life expectancy has also increased. Geriatric populations are getting older. The life expectancy of a person born in the United States in 1900 was 49 years, which has significantly increased to 78.8 years

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Ensign Emergency Fund

What if you could help someone recover from a personal tragedy? What if you could help a colleague rebuild a home, a family, or even a life? What if you could comfort hundreds of suffering people and let them know they are loved? You can. Join the Ensign Emergency Fund.

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