By Jack Rolfe, PT, MNA, CHC, RAC-CT

Lead Compliance Partner, Milestone & Endura

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams

My first memory of the image of leadership was formed when I was eleven years old. I was with a group of my peers participating in a scouting activity at our church. My father was also in attendance as one of the scout group leaders. The individual in charge of the meeting was at the front of the room conducting the function. This person asked if everyone in the room would move closer to the front row. I remember looking at my buddies and we were all frozen with the thought “this would not be cool to do what the leader had asked us to do.” Then a sharp impulse came into my mind. I stood up promptly and stated “come on guys, let’s move up.” Everyone followed and the task was completed. Upon returning home that evening my father said to me “That was amazing what you did today.”  I had no clue what he was talking about and stared at him like only an eleven year old could do. He repeated to me what he witnessed in the simple act of moving with my friends to the front of the class. He stated, “You are a leader.” His statement touched my soul deeply and has remained with me throughout my life.

In his book, “Executive Instinct,” Nigel Nicholson of the London Business School suggests that there may be a leadership gene — that some people are just driven to be in charge. But the University of Michigan’s Noel Tichy — in his book, “The Leadership Engine” — declares that leadership style and abilities emerge from experiences. I propose that leaders emerge from a combination of both these declarations. I add one additional idea for you to ponder. I believe that inside each one of us there is a leadership gene and it takes experiences to bring it out. Have you discovered your leadership gene?

In the movie “Facing the Giants” actor, Alex Kendrick, plays the role of high school football coach, Grant Taylor. In one scene Coach Taylor is instructing his team and specifically counsels his player, Brock, to remember he has been gifted with leadership so do not waste it! I have concluded through my life experiences that there is one sure way to develop leadership. This is accomplished by assisting others to become leaders in their own lives. When you facilitate someone finding and using their leadership gene then yours blossoms.

As we move into the year 2017, will you become a leader of your rehab team in attaining additional knowledge in regard to Compliance? Will your rehab team become the leader of Compliance in your facility? Will your facility become the leader of Compliance in your Market? Will your Market become the leader of Compliance for the Ensign organization? It can all begin with you!

As Compliance Partners go onsite when conducting the annual Medicare Systems Compliance Audit (MSCA) much of our focus on the therapy program is governed by two areas. First, is the Medicare Policies and Procedure for our organization. Second, is rule and regulation found in the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 8 – Coverage of Extended Care (SNF) Services. We find the successful buildings to be those who are most educated on what is expected by the Medicare Program and then they apply that education.

So, I extend to you an opportunity to express your leadership gene. Here is the challenge…Develop a creative way to present/discuss one item from the above mentioned Medicare resources each week in your rehab team meeting. Use specific policy/procedure and rule/regulation. Then create a way to spread that format to your building, your Market, and onto the Ensign organization. You can become a leader in attaining and sharing knowledge with your peers and beyond. I am eager to see the results. Will you accept the challenge?

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” ~ John C. Maxwell