Congratulations, Jacob Barnes, Bandera’s Newest CTO 

By Shelby Donahoo, Therapy Resource, Tucson, AZ
We are proud to honor Jacob Barnes, PTA, TPM, at Park Avenue Health and Rehab in Tucson, AZ!
Jacob has been with Ensign at Park Avenue since 2013 and truly exemplifies CAPLICO culture. Jacob’s ED, Jordan Monson, says Jacob “is like salt: He’s sprinkled into every nook and cranny that is Park Avenue.” In other words, while Jacob leads a large rehab team with strong outcomes clinically and operationally, his ownership over the years is way beyond the Rehab department.

2020 led to some exceptionally tough times for all, but Jacob’s leadership shined through in this pandemic. In between serving meals, moving beds, and working all hours to support the facility, he quadrupled long-term care revenue, increasing margin by 8%. This was accomplished by concerted and thoughtful implementation of holistic programming to meet the growing needs of Park’s residents. He developed leaders in his team, such as our Bandera Abilities TEACHA, and created a designated long-term care lead and team. He helped facilitate support and communication with market DORs as challenges arose during COVID.

So here’s a perfect example of why Jacob is CTO: December 18 was his surprise CTO celebration. While facility staff, folks from all over the market, and even DORs from Phoenix (who drove two hours) congregated outside, Jacob’s co-worker was to distract him and then bring him out to “go to lunch” once he was texted that all was ready. The text to come went out, and we waited, poised with confetti — and waited some more. Finally we got a text back — Jacob was busy giving a resident a haircut! After another 15 minutes, the text came that he was done and they were headed outside. And we waited. Another text came from the co-worker: Jacob was stopping to answer call lights on the way. True and awesome story.

Thank you for all you do for your residents, facility, Bandera and the full organization, Jacob! And for your unwavering wit and humor along the way.