Welcome to the FlagPOST, a newsletter and forum where great therapy minds share ideas and innovations in their field. The FlagPOST provides therapists with clinical information, ideas, educational opportunities and techniques to keep you enthused and excited about service delivery and patient care. The Flag represents Ensign’s logo, and POST signifies each of our therapy disciplines: Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy. We think the FlagPOST celebrates the excitement and talent of our therapy team and hope that you will also be inspired by its content.

February 2021

In this edition: Why Take the Vaccine? | Village Healthcare Pushes for 100% Vaccinations | Keller Oaks: The Culture is in the Details (#startamovement) | Therapist Profiles: Jessica Ballera, COTA, St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation, Fullerton, CA | Therapist Profiles: Jihan Antipolo-Baldonado Rehab Aide | Therapist Profiles: Caitlin Colteryahn, OT, TEACHA | So You Want to Hire a CFY? | Exercising Your Passion for Learning | Managing Lymphedema | The Power of Asking | Temple View Transitional Care Improves their Self-Care GG Scores | A Trio of Wellness: Oral Health, Overall Health and Quality of Life | Importance of Therapy Intervention for Patients Post-COVID | Thinking Outside the Box: Modified Diets That Are Tasty and Appealing! | Carly Peevers — Passionate About Think Thin | Think Thin In Our Pennant Locations! | CPT Coding Tips: CPT Code 96125 (Standardized Cognitive Performance Testing, Per Hour) | CPT Coding Tips: Wound Care CPT Codes 97597 and 97598 | The Importance of SLP Intervention for Respiratory Function | Congratulations, Gina! | Ray Yarman, DOR/CTO, City Creek Post Acute Care, Salt Lake City, Utah | Cathy Champlin, DOR/CTO Cedar Health & Rehabilitation, Cedar City, Utah

January 2021

In this edition: Building Vaccine Confidence! | A League of Our Own | Activity and Therapy Department Collaborate to Implement National Days Calendar | Sharing the Love at Park Avenue | Helping Dementia Patients to Remember | Think Thin Initiative: The Path to Thin Liquids | Frazier Free Water Protocol: An Essential Tool for Quality of Life | Think Thin: An Inter-Disciplinary Hydration and Nutrition Collaboration Project | Think Thin Collaboration in Flagstone! | Thinking Thin at HCR Olathe | Therapist Profile: Dennis Baloy | A Sense of Renewal: Golden Acres Sensory Room Grant | Happy News from EPAR | Rock Creek Christmas Spirit | Golden Acres “Be a Santa to a Senior” | Celebrating Success at Beacon Harbor | Transitioning Our STOP AND WATCH Program into a True Conversation | Recognizing The Courtyard — Stronger Than Ever! | Congratulations Jacob Barnes, Bandera’s Newest CTO! | Vestibular Function | Therapy / Life Enrichment Collaboration at Omaha | Outpatient On Demand | Welcome to the Family: Golden Hills Post Acute Care, San Diego, CA | New Momentum Facilities | 2021 Reset Challenge!

November 2020

In this edition: Joy is an Inside Job: The Positive Effects of HeartMath® in Controlling Anxiety | Beating the Odds – Dad is Home! | Momentum Facility Holiday Portraits | The Hills Post Acute Employee Thanksgiving Event | Congratulations EEF All Stars! | Huge Shout Out to Emblem Hospice | 100th Birthday Celebration! | Sharing the Love with Family Pictures | All Staff Super Star | Code Sepsis Pilot Project | Momentum Therapist Spotlight – Denise Del Cano, COTA, ADOR | Helping Patients Thrive at Pinnacle | Graduation Party at Medallion | Vital Sign Tips | CAPLICO Fun for Emerald Retreat | Halloween 2020 | Celebrating Spirit Week …in PJ’s! | Moment of Truth | Congratulations DORiTOs! | Congratulations, Brody LeRoy, OT/DOR, New CTO at Pinnacle | Congratulations to Our CHCA Spotlight on Excellence Award Winners!

October 2020

In this edition: 2020 Therapy Leadership Experience goes Virtual! | Defining Moments in Times of Evacuation | Compassionate Hearts | Lighting Candles of Love | Bringing Compassion to the Team | Congratulations, Dawn Thompson, DOR, Victoria Post Acute Care — Winner of the Natalie Blasczienski Award! | Therapy Update from VPAC | Code Sepsis | Sea Cliff Discovers S/P COVID Syndrome | COVID Testing | Making PDPM Training Fun! | Think Thin: The Path to Thin Liquids | We’re All In This Together | Reuniting Families and Friends | Retro Month at Omaha Nursing & Rehabilitation | CNA Transfer Training | Bringing the Fair to The Pines | Washington Receives Eldergrow Grant | Therapist Profile: Meet Joe Pergamo, PT, the Director of Rehabilitation at Rainier Rehabilitation in Puyallup, Washington | Therapy to ED Leadership | Making Vital Signs Vital | Congratulations to Our Vital Signs Champions! | A Heartfelt Read | The Big Race | Meet Our New SPARC Winners: Carl Meyer, PT and April Westbrook, OT | Congratulations to Our New CTOs! | Celebrating Disha Desai, PT/CTO/ DOR | Celebrating Cara Koepsel, SLP, DOR, CTO, Golden Acres, Dallas, TX | Celebrating Agatha Pedro, OTR, DOR, CTO, Timberwood, Livingston, TX

August 2020

In this edition: Action Needed!Contact Congress to Stop Proposed Therapy Cuts! | Let’s Keep Doing the Important Work | Outpatient Opportunities! | Treat Yo Self! | Happy Birthday to Me! | Thinking Outside the Box | Therapist Profile – Meet Avenlea Gamble | Therapy to ED Leadership | Congratulations Cathy Bowman! | What’s So “Vital” About Vital Signs? | Thank You, DORITO Program! | Documenting Justification of Skilled Therapy Services | Symptomless CVAs? | Congratulations to Our New CTOs! | Celebrating John Diaz, CTO, PT, DPT, CEEAA, RAC-CT | Celebrating Tina Bond, CTO/COTA | Celebrating Tory Lane, CTO/SLP/DOR at Sunview Respiratory and Rehab in Youngtown (Phoenix AZ)! | Celebrating Jeremy Osmond, PT/DOR, Newest CTO in the Sunstone Market | Celebrating Erin Huddock, PT/DOR, Newest CTO at Vista Knoll

July 2020

In this edition: The R Factor – Response Determines Everything! | When Life Gives You a Pandemic, You May Find Something Amazing | Staying Connected … Zoom Style! | Brookfield Pandemic Heroes | Introducing Our Stress-Relieving Partners at Magnolia and Parkside | Connecting Through Technology | The Importance of ALF Partnerships with OP Programming | Documenting Justification of Skilled Therapy Services | Round 2 – Cardiopulmonary CEU Course | Our Virtual Student Program is Up and Running! | Building LTC Programs at Legend Oaks of Fort Worth | Introducing Our New Southland I-tool Collection | Gardening at The Orchard | Therapist Profiles: Matthew Wayne, PTA and Rebecca “Becky” Hopkins, OT | A Home Run to a Strong Partnership Created with Utilization of Grand Rounds and Stop & Watch Tool | Pennant Washington Caps Out Casemix | IDT Celebration at The Courtyard | MDS and Therapy Collaborative Training for Best Practices in LTC, ADL Care and Documentation | The Role of SLPs in Fall Prevention | Special Service at Golden Acres | El Cajon Veteran Who Survived COVID-19 Gets Socially Distanced Homecoming | Tim Middick, New CTO in the Touchstone 2.0 Market | Mark Kao, New CTO for Whittier Hills, CA | Congratulations Carlos Pineda, DPT, CTO/DOR Southland Care Center in Norwalk, CA | Cloverdale Celebration | Endura Outstanding Therapy Program

June 2020

In this edition: Beacons of Light | Jim Collins – The Stockdale Paradox | Love One Another in These Challenging Times | Returned and Ready at Julia Temple! | Update From Victoria PARC | Millennium Strong! | Update from City Creek | Rock Canyon is Staying Strong! | Slowing the Spread at Chandler | PPE Support From Our Service Center | Rosewood Appreciation Gift Bags | Virtual Cooking Class at Orem Rehab | Earn CEUs Through Our Online Courses | Olympia Patients and Staff Share the Love | Broadway Villa’s Patient Success Story | To The Lifters | Don’t Be A Wheelchair Therapist | Respiratory Rehab Using E-Stim | In-Line PMVs With Vent Patients | Congratulations to Lydia Chen, DOR, and the Rehab Team at Ukiah Post Acute | Congratulations to JB Chua, DOR, and his Superhero Rehab Team at Summerfield Healthcare | Congratulations to Milena Milenkovic, DOR, and the Park View Post Acute Therapy Team

May 2020

In this edition: Celebrating Our Nurses! | Nursing and Therapy Teamwork | Wound Care During COVID-19 | Celebrating Our Nurses at Rock Hill | The Hills Post Acute Nurses in Action | Celebrating Our Clinical Resources at Endura | Honoring Emma Singbeil, DNS | Emanuel Alfred—A True Leader at Rowlett | Super Heroes at City Creek | Gateway’s Awesome Wound Care Nurse | Our DON is a Superhero! | Medallion’s Nurses are Rock Stars! | We Love Our Nurses at Cedar Health | Therapy/Nursing Partnership at Eastview | Making it Fun at Draper Rehab! | How Full is Your KUP? | Sharing Gratitude | What is Your WHY? | In the Midst of a Storm… | Thankful and Blessed for Team Parkside | Moments of Truth From Riverbend Post Acute Care, Kansas City, KS | Staying Strong at Veranda | Littleton Is Now COVID-Free! | #Staystrong Ridgeview Post Acute | HCR of Colorado Springs: Staying Strong!! | #Staystrong Arvada! | Sending Smiles from Upland | Staying Strong at Redmond | The Orchard Staying Strong! | The Villas at Sunny Acres in Thornton, CO #Staying Strong! | Wonder Crew at Legend Oaks of Greenville, TX | Taking Care of Ourselves – Take 2! | Popping Bubbles at Sonterra | Masking Around at Julia Temple | Skill in Place Considerations | Program for Spanish-Speaking Residents | TEACHA in Action | Therapist Profile: Nicole King, SLP/DOR | Congratulations to Our Newest SPARC Winner: Ashley Sells, OT student at the University of Texas at Tyler | Celebrating the Outstanding Rehab Award | Congratulations Claremont! | Touchstone Outstanding Award Winners: Welcome to the club, First Timers!

April 2020

Thank You for Being the Helpers! | Miracles Among Us – The Wedding Story | Timberwood Strong! | Connecting Residents With Family | Sharing the Love at Shea | The Southland Experience | Customer Second at Keller Oaks, TX | Love One Another LCCC Style | Connecting Residents and Families with Video Chat | Community Pantry at Brookfield Healthcare Center | Celebration Jackets at Orem | Lucky Charms at Northbrook | An Invitation to Global Coherence | Taking Care of Ourselves: Don’t Let Shelter in Place Shelter You from Staying Active | In Room Treatments: Creative Therapy Solutions | The 5 E’s – The St. Elizabeth Story | PDPM Tip | Celebrating Our OTs! | Orem OT Medication Reduction | Highlights on Nursing and Therapy Partnership | Ensign’s First Ever TEACHA Workshop | Celebrating the Lunar New Year

March 2020

In this edition: How Do You Spend the First Hour of Your Day? | Leaders Made Here – Meet Tyler “TJ” Petty, DOR at Montecito Post-Acute and Rehabilitation in Mesa, AZ | From Ultra “High” to Ultramarathon | PDPM Lessons Learned Section GG | Drumming Group at Westover Hills – Giving Our Residents a Reason to Love Life | Here’s an Idea for Corn Hole Toss | Highlights on Nursing and Therapy Partnership: 5 Strengths of a DON/DOR Team | Cluster Meetings – DOR Involvement | Endura Gets Ready for IDDSI Diets | A Journey for a Passion for Learning | Sharing the SLP Love | Use of Modalities for Pain Management | Orem Presents Lymphedema Recovery Suggestions for SHALL | They’re ENspired! | Dry Needling Success Stories | Celebration! | Loving One Another | Getting Involved With Community Partners | Welcome to the family: Irondale Post-Acute and Ridgeview Post-Acute

February 2020

In this edition: February is American Heart Month! | What Makes a Good Leader? | Birds of Different Feathers: Improving Work Relationships | The Beauty of PDPM: What Might Be There | Highlights on Nursing and Therapy Partnership – DON/DOR/ED: The Transformational Triad | Nursing Therapy Partnership: Water Protocol for Skilled Maintenance Program | Therapist Profiles: Dora Alvarez, Shobha Neupane, Paula Voorhis | Utilizing the Drum Circle at Palomar Vista | The Communication Cube | WELL: Skip the Fast Weight Loss Diets and Go for Long-Term Health | Thirst Quencher: The Free Water Protocol for Patients with Dysphagia | Optima Update: Why Clinisign? | Outpatient at Vista Knoll | How You Win the FLAG for Five of the Last Six Years | Moments of Truth: Herschel’s Service at Cloverdale Healthcare Center, The Benefits of Group | Congratulations to Our Newest SPARC Winners! Jarrett Henderson, First Place Winner, and Primo Arredondo, Runner Up!

December 2019

In this edition: Cultivating Peace and Joy this Holiday Season | PDPM All Stars | PDPM Tip: No Anonymous Altered Textures! | Sunstone’s DON/DOR Retreat | Optima Update: What’s So Great About Clinisign? | From Therapist to AIT: Matt Scott Mission Hills, San Diego, CA | From DORITO to DOR: Dana Chatham, Rowlett Nursing & Rehabilitation, Rowlett, TX | Combining Heart Rate Variability Training and SLP COPD Treatment | SLPs’ Role in Discharge to Home/Community | WELL (We Embrace Living/Loving Life! | Cupping Techniques to Improve Quality of Life for Geriatric Patients | A Beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner | Congratulations, Sarah Scott, SLP, Pointe Meadows, Lehi, Utah | Congratulations, Carlos Pineda, PT, Our Newest CTO | Welcome Aboard! An Acquisitions Update | Hurricane Rehab Addition: We Love the New Rehab Space!

November 2019

In this edition: Creating a Movement! Have you heard about it? PDWELL came from a desire to do more to meet the needs of the Parkinson’s community in the Omaha metro area. – Dignifying Therapy in the Eyes of the World – WELL (We Embrace Living|Loving Life!) — We Can Make a Difference! – Therapist Profiles: Connie Faulkner, COTA, and Jason Niemeier, PT – The Importance of a Strong Partnership with Dietary – SLPs’ Role in Fall Prevention – Productivity Corner with Ciara Cox – Keystone Receives $700K Grant to Implement Award-Winning Technology to Improve Senior Care – Celebrating PT Month!

October 2019

In this edition: Goodbye RUGS, Hello PDPM – Our CMLs Preparing for PDPM, Sharing Best Practices to Improve Skilled Documentation –
Optima Updates: The New and Improved PDPM Projection Screen 2 – Jumping Into the Deep End of the MDS – Can Heart Rate Variability Be Improved in Those with Heart Failure Through Gratitude Journaling? – 9 Ways to Break Out of Your Boring Exercise Rut – A Dry Needling Success Story – LSVT Live in Colorado – From Therapist to Executive Director: The Why and the How – Keystone Student Programs: A Record-Breaking Year – Therapist Profile: Kelsey Martindale – DOR Profile: Michelle Mitev, OT – Partnership with Recreational Therapy – TheraTrooper Spotlight: TheraTrooper Travel Partners, Jared and Jennifer Cullifer, Occupational Therapists – A Tale of Two Cities: Pueblo Facilities Unite! And More!

September 2019

In this edition: Heart Rate Variability (HRV) training using HeartMath devices – WELL (We Embrace Living|Loving Life!) — It’s Time to Get Outside! – Therapist Profile: Andy Miyyapuram – Bringing the Renaissance Fair to Englewood – PDPM Updates – Meet our Occupational Therapist TheraTrooper, Ebony Prater! Holladay Healthcare Spends the Day at TopGolf – Designing the Facility Around Dementia Care By Keystone Therapy – Congratulations, TJ Petty, on Receiving the CTO (Chief Therapy Officer) Award! – First Keystone EEF Barbeque! – And More!

August 2019

In this edition: CMS Issues SNF PPS Final Rule for FY 2020; CMS Releases the Proposed Rule for CY 2020 Part B Physician Fee Schedule; Pilot Programs Provide New Ideas for Enhancing Patient Care; Nursing Profile: Kiran Sahota; Building Your Next One Up: Filling the “Shoes” of a DOR; Shadow Boxes are a Hit at Legend Oaks New Braunfels; TWO MONTHS UNTIL PDPM – How are we trending with our Modes of Treatment? PDPM Ready – Speech Therapy; LTC Think Tanks–A Vision to Reality; What’s Your WELL Commitment? Therapist Profile: Scott Langdale; Meet TheraTrooper Laura D’Antona, COTA! And More!

July 2019

Over 250 therapy leaders gathered in Newport Beach to create a Therapy Leadership Experience powered by love! Therapist Profile: Roger Pavon; Highlights on Nursing and Therapy Partnership; PDPM Updates; LTC Think Tanks–A Vision to Reality; Optima Updates; Group Therapy – Orem’s Trip to the Zoo!; Group & Concurrent – The Data and the Delivery; Host an Entry-Level OTD Capstone Student: A Great Way to Extend the Reach of Your Department; How to Pull the BIMS from PCC; CEU Course Offering – Aug 24-25 – Innovative Interventions for Preventing Falls; Heart Beats – Using HeartMath Spontaneously

June 2019

Welcome to Our New Monthly FlagPOST!

Our hope is to connect you with leaders and ideas across the organization to stimulate enthusiasm for growth and development by learning from one another. We will have ongoing “columns” on PDPM, Financial Health, Business Development, Best Practice Highlights, and Best in Nursing and Therapy Partnerships. Enjoy!

In this edition: Leading with Love; Highlights on Nursing and Therapy Partnership; PDPM Update; Financial Health; Optima Updates; Group Therapy; Therapist Profile: Jacob Barnes; SPARC – Congratulations to Brindy Klym; and more!

Fall 2018

Heartrate Variability Training – The Resilience Advantage; Evaluation vs Treatment Notes; Compliance Corner: A Look Back, What’s Happening Now and a Look into the Immediate Future; First Annual Dragon Boat Race!; HCR Olathe Is Rock Steady Excited!; Passion for Learning – Madeana Galler is conducting a lunch and learn on the new Patient Driven Payment Model at each facility in the Emerald Market; Passion for Learning – Sam Baxter, Therapy Resource for Signum-San Diego, reports that they had a two-day course in San Diego on Visual Rehabilitation & Neuro Handling After a Neurological Incident … Concepts for Function, presented by Michelle Mioduszewski, MS, OTR/L; Passion for Learning – Therapy Resources Kelly Alvord and Dominic DeLaquil are presenting at the AACVPR annual meeting in September in Louisville, Kentucky; Willow Bend Increases Quality of Life with Jobs; Better Than Tape – Instead of putting tape on the floor to do their TUG testing, the rehab team at Owyhee requested to have 10-foot and 20-foot strips of lighter floor color; Parkinson Disease Program; Motion-Guided Laser – Brookfield team (Downey, CA) is using The Motion Guidance laser feedback system to add fun to ROM and functional movement exercises; 2018 Poster Presentations

Summer 2018

The Two-Minute Denial Reflector; Are You Uncomfortable; Compliance Corner; Congratulations to Our Newest SPARC Award Winner – Sarah Gromko, SLP Student; Six Simple Steps to Launch a Successful Heart Math Program; Life Story Board at Cloverdale Healthcare; Stop Managing Incontinence. Start Treating It! Here’s How; Our Emerald Market Joins PD Supporters in Kansas; Bariatric Success Story

Winter 2017

Tuning In to the Intelligence of the Heart to Change Lives; Compliance Corner – 2017 IRO Lessons Learned; Chief Therapy Officer (CTO) Award; Igniting a Spark for Excellence; Students Give Supplies for Hurricane Harvey Families; Introducing CAPLICOnation, our new Instagram Account; Having Fun with Curling and Exercise at Bandera DOR Meeting; Park Avenue Tests New Overhead Track System; Making Therapy Fun at Sea Cliff; Highlighting Dustin Rex, ADOR, DPT; Creative Therapy at SJV; North Mountain Medical and Rehab Introduces “The SPOT”; An IDT Approach to Contracture Management; Just One Tx for Vestibular Disorder = Success; Student Resource Manual for the Clinical Instructor; Milestone Trains Neuro-IFRAH Therapists; Giving Back at Olympia; The Power of Creativity – One OT’s take on the Dementia Care Program;

Summer 2017

National Long-Term Care Survey Process to Roll Out in November 2017; Introducing Thera-Trooper Special Forces; Orem Summerfest; Congratulations, Kinga Gianna! Congratulations to Avenlea Gamble and Kellye McKee, our new SPARC scholarship winners; Sharing Therapy Strategies – License Plate Program; Surviving a Transition Through Use of the Energy Bus; Initial Responses to Using an Alter-G Treadmill at Parklane West: A Case Series; Happy Feet Effect on Quality of Life; Alexa and TBI Helps Patient Following Brain Injury; OT and SLP Co-Treatments in a Skilled Nursing Facility; Utilizing Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback in a Patient With CVA to Improve Psychophsyiological Coherence; Passport to Home: An Interdisciplinary Case Report; Improving the Patient Experience Through Patient-Centered Care; Bathing Without a Battle; Improving Proprioception and Ankle Strategy With New Balance Pad; Online Training Modules to Develop the Skills, Knowledge and Attitudes Required to Implement the Abilities Care Approach; Falling Leaf Program: Implementing a Fall Prevention Program

Q4 2016

2016 Leadership Summit; Cardiac Post-Acute Rehab Care Fills the Gap between Hospital and Home; Heart PARC Case Study; Clinisign Q&A With Dr. Hani Bashandy; Surf’s Up! Improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury; Sharing Therapy Strategies; Using Bundled Payments for Care; Somerset Subacute Nursing and Rehab, El Cajon, CA; An IDT Approach to Therapy; Kazoo Choir at North Mountain Rehab: Helping Residents Breathe Better One Note at a Time; Building Your Own Elevated Garden Box; Abilities Care in Action – Person-Centered Dementia Management–A Montessori-Inspired Program; Music & Memory at Park Manor Rehabilitation Center; Using Life Story Boards to Assist Residents with Dementia; Applying Research on Cues to Reduce Freezing of Gait to WC Propulsion for People With Parkinson’s Disease; How to Accurately Enter a Diet Order Into PCC

June 2016

Crucial Accountability; Abilities Care Experts (ACE) Graduating Class at Park View Post Acute; Simplified Rehab Approach for Clinically Complex Patients; Creating a Culture of Person-Directed Dementia Care; Reducing Restlessness With Baby Dolls; Contracture Management Course at St. Joseph Villa; Neuro Gym Sit to Stand Trainer; Celebrating Occupational and Speech Therapists; SPARC Award Winners: Catherine Whitlock, DPT and Chelsea Shearman; ICD-10 Coding Corner; Coding CPT 97532 (Cognitive Skills Development)

Q3 2015

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence; 2016 MSCA Process Updates and the Importance of Medicare Meetings; Pet Therapy; A merry heart is the best medicine; Music Therapy at Golden Acres Living & Rehabilitation; Use of AlterG for a Patient Limited by Pain at Richland Hills Rehabilitation & Healthcare; Combining Technology and Rehab at Palm Terrace Healthcare & Rehabilitation; Post-Myocutaneous Flap Rehabilitation at Englewood Post Acute Rehab; Abilities Care Approach at Oceanview Healthcare and Rehab; Fall Prevention; Connecting Our Youth With Residents at Park View Post Acute Care; Congratulations to our new Credentialed Clinical Instructors!

Q1 2015

Therapy music programs at Park View Post Acute; Abilities Care Approach to Dementia at Cloverdale Healthcare Center; Use of Meaningful Activities to Redirect Negative Behaviors; Assessing Pain in Patients with Dementia; How a Little Vision Can Go a Long Way; SPARC Award Winner – Shannon Cook; Celebrate Better Hearing and Speech Month; Healthcare Reimbursement Updates – The Part B Cap Exception is Extended; Willow Bend Wins the Flag; Modified Cooking Group; RO5 Rollout; Health and Wellness for Seniors, Presented by Pine Manor Therapy Team

Q3 2014

IMPACT Act of 2014; The Power of Music: Connecting with Non Verbal Patients; Amanda Grace: Making a Difference at Cloverdale Healthcare; Story of Recovery Sets Benchmark for Future Treatments at Park Manor Rehabilitation Center, Walla Walla, WA; Are Your Patients Motivated to Move?; Developing a Post-Acute Cardiac Wellness Specialty Program; Sharing a Passion for Learning; Finding Relief with the Kinesio Tape Protocol; With Perseverance, Patients and Therapists Find Success at Veranda; Providing a Treatment Plan for Pannus Support; Barihab Table Case Study; At Willow Bend, We Are All in This Together!

Q1 2014

Post-Acute Cardiac Wellness Programs; The Future Is Here With Bionic Legs!; Therapy and the Barihab Table Changing Lives; Wound Care Treatment Approach for Physical Therapists; Tools for Tracking and Reporting Therapy Outcomes; The Northern Oaks Team is Feeling Good Vibrations with the New VibeTech One; Moving BIG and Speaking LOUD at Holladay and Copper Ridge in Utah; Lemon Grove Care and Rehabilitation Community Reintegration Program; Laughter, Encouragement Are the Best Medicine at Stillhouse

Q4 2013

Fall Risk Assessment and Vestibular Testing; Dementia Program Update: The Abilities Care Approach; Clinical Programming Resources on the Therapy Portal; Strategies for Treating Patients with Neurological Disorders; Different Approaches to Treat Patients Following a Stroke; Postural Restoration: Treating the Unique Asymmetry of the Human Body; Marketing and Rehab Teaming Up at Wellington

Q2 2013

Organizational Health; The POSTettes; Proposed Changes to MDS for Therapy October 2013; Mapping Out the Framework for OT Student Psychosocial Internships; CMS National Partnership to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Homes; Deciphering Dysphagia with E-Stim; Teamwork at Golden Acres = SLP Success

Q1 2013

Fanatic Discipline; Brookfield Develops Patient Care App; Pet Therapy; Stepping Stones Fall Prevention Course; Claims-Based Data Collection Requirement; Best Nursing Homes – 2013

Q3 2012

Person-Centered Care; Dementia Capable Care; Ensign Closes NASDAQ; Earning CEUs for Geriatric Sports Medicine; Creating a Therapy Garden Walk; Success = Passion

Q2 2012

Celebrating OT Month at Osborn Health and Rehab; Congratulations Brookfield… E-Prize Winner; Look What’s Happening in the World of Dementia

Q1 2012

Ensign Hosts Clinical Instructor Course; Football Has a Playbook–And We Have the RAI; Case Management and Therapy Team: Working Together

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