Submitted by Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource

Why did you decide to make the leap from DOR to AIT?

Loaded question. Before I started as DOR at The Springs, I worked for a contract therapy company. At one time I had been approached by the Admin in one of the buildings we were contracted into. My answer was a hard “no.” Nothing about it appealed to me. It was so corporate, and the only things the Admin seemed to do was discipline people and put out fires. Then, I started at The Springs and worked with administrators like Matt Rutter and Matt Stevenson. It was eye-opening to see the autonomy and freedom they had to operate. They were disciplined yet were able to have fun. They acted like true owners of the operation. This sparked my adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit. And after being in therapy management since 2008, I was ready to start a new challenge, and they inspired me to be an ED.

What fuels your passion as a therapist/facility administrator?

As a therapist, my passion was my team. To see them grow and develop as clinicians was the most gratifying. Lucky for me, there is the same opportunity as an Administrator to grow and develop team members. Internal hiring and growth is a keystone to our culture. Helping others understand Ownership, Accountability and the Ensign Experience is the base of what I do.  Beyond that I am very passionate about growing our business and achieving great financial results.

If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be?

This is a tough job. But it is not supposed to be easy. Wouldn’t change it.

Who is your mentor/motivator/hero at Ensign?

Matt Stevenson. He really empowered, motivated, educated and advocated for me. From being a DOR to becoming an AIT and eventually an Administrator, he was always generous with his time, knowledge and experience.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character and why?

Han Solo. He’s funny and cool.

What makes your facility team extraordinary?

They get “IT.”  They don’t come to work to punch the clock. They understand that we aren’t just some old folks home/convalescent center. We want to be the number one choice for Post Acute Care.  Period. They are making that happen. They are all inspiringly dedicated, intelligent, funny and engaged. Humor is important, and we like to laugh together.

What is your favorite thing about being a facility administrator?

Not having to staff! Always being on the hunt for weekend and holiday coverage was the worst.

What is your favorite business book and why?

Currently it’s Leadership and Self Deception.  I like the narrative form, and the message transcends business. It’s applicable to every relationship in your life.

What is your most consuming hobby/sport/etc.?

I’m a gym rat. But I love to surf.