Highlights on Nursing and Therapy Partnership Collaboration at St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Rehabilitation

By Dennis Baloy, DOR/ OTR/L /OTD/s

St. Elizabeth was one of the facilities recently acquired by Ensign in May 2019. Coming in new to the facility as a rehab director in a team that has been together for a significant number of years, I had both feelings of uncertainty and excitement. This was until I met our Director of Nursing, Madelyn Tan. I’ve heard of her reputation to be one of the best in the industry — clinically, operationally and personally. The first time I met her, I instantly felt her warmth and genuine compassion. She openly welcomed me to our team and even prepared and cooked a special chicken dish (which we both grew up eating). Talk about hospitality!

Ever since then, I’ve held the highest regard on how she and our administrator manage the Nursing department and also the entire facility. The collaboration and open discussion during our stand-up meetings are efficient, healthy, and straight to the point and patient-centered.  She always upholds the best interests of our residents and staff. Our interactions have always been professional and informative and at the same time enveloped with respect and love.

Early on, we already developed and implemented a robust facility-wide Fall Program that resulted in decreased overall falls. The Rehabilitation team and nurses also conduct a weekly graduation program that celebrates the successes of each resident who go back to the community. Also, both departments hold joint in-services and training for the staff and residents, such as use of correct biomechanics, transfers and RNA training.

With Ms. Mady’s sweet demeanor and strong vision for our facility, together with my creative and go-get-it attitude, Nursing and Rehab’s tandem has never been more fun, efficient and effective!

In St. Elizabeth, the CAPLICO values truly live on!