Huge Shout-Out to Emblem Hospice

By Doug Haney, CEO/ED, Bella Vita Health & Rehabilitation Center, Glendale, AZ

I wanted to recognize this very special “Moment of Truth-esk” gesture that the entire staff of Bella Vita experienced recently. A couple weeks back, our staff was pretty worn down and experiencing a wide range of emotions dealing with the effects felt from this coronavirus. Everyone was especially hurt when we lost several of our long, long-term residents we all called family. We loved each and every one of those we lost and needed some serious support for those who knew them well.

Out of the blue, Michael and Mitch stepped in, offering a memorial service to honor and remember those we lost over the past several months. They set everything up, even though I knew their services were widely needed during that time. I can honestly tell you we cried and held each other a lot during that time. We were grateful for Emblem’s offering and kindness when we needed it the most. One of them brought a grill on wheels (not sure whose it was, but it is pretty sweet) and cooked up burgers and hot dogs for all the staff over a four-hour period. It was hot outside, but Michael didn’t seem to mind it — it was 115 that day. 

At 2 p.m. in our main dining room, staff joined together and were allowed to share special memories about their lost friends and then place a leaf with their name on a potted tree. It was good to get together to reminisce, reflect, and realize we were blessed to be a part of their lives.

On behalf of the entire Bella Vita Team, THANK YOU MITCH, MICHAEL AND EMBLEM HOSPICE. You truly made our day!