Time and again, we see the benefits of an interdisciplinary approach to therapy with our patients at Rosewood Rehabilitation Center. Take, for instance, the case of our patient who was hospitalized due to Guillan-Barre Syndrome with symptoms of progressive weakness and impaired coordination. Our combination of physical and occupational therapy created a pathway for success with this patient.

Prior to the hospitalization, the patient was living with a spouse in a country home and was independent with all ADLs, IADLs and functional mobility without an assistive device. We recognized the following factors as being critical to the patient’s success at our facility.

Keys to Success With Physical Therapy

  • Neuro PENS three times per week with electrodes on the hip flexors and vastus medialis, and another line from just distal to the ischial tuberosities to the belly of the hamstring group.
  • HEP exercises for completion outside of therapy from the SOT.
  • Lateral and anterior/posterior weight shifting to increase proprioception at the ankles.
  • Use of the spectrum of assistive devices for ambulation fluidly during progression, from the parallel bars to a single point cane. With progress, we would constantly revisit more restrictive devices to refine a specific aspect of the gait pattern.
  • High and appropriate family involvement.

Keys to Success With Occupational Therapy

  • High cognitive function, active/fit before onset and motivated
  • CNA and family training to ensure carryover with OOB schedule and HEP for fine motor and UE strengthening
  • High and appropriate family involvement
  • Knowing your tools: E-stim versus therex versus fine motor activities, such as theraputty, to address deficits
  • Continuous evaluation of deficits and active grading up and down for the Just Right Challenge

This is just one example of a success story at our facility. We continue to explore the best ways to provide rehabilitation services for each individual using this interdisciplinary approach to care.

By Craig Chang OTR, Scott Judd PT, & Kristen Weaver OTR, Rosewood Rehabilitation Center, Reno, NV