LSVT Live in Colorado

By Maryann Bowles, Therapy Resource — Colorado

The ENDURA Market in Colorado gathered 10 of their physical and occupational therapists to complete their LSVT BIG live training together at the Villas at Sunny Acres. The group spent a full day going through treatment and practice of the evidence-based neurologic patterns and movements  for the treatment of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Specifically, research shows that LSVT BIG treatment can lead to faster walking with bigger steps and arm swings, better balance and more ability to twist at the waist. Clinicians also report that LSVT BIG often helps people with buttoning their clothes, writing and other smaller-movement (“small motor”) tasks, as well as large (“large motor”) movements like dressing, getting up from a seat and getting into bed.

Because PD makes it harder to remember to use these bigger movements consistently, treatment includes a lot of repetition and progressive challenges, as well as daily home practice and assignments for using bigger movements in everyday life.

Ultimately, LSVT BIG helps improve the mismatch between what you feel you’re doing and what you’re actually doing, making you more confident, comfortable and empowered. With one month of hard work, LSVT BIG can open doors to a more active and independent life.

The ENDURA market therapist will now have a local network of fellow therapists to help support their development of a strong Parkinson’s and movement disorder treatment program in their buildings.