March Madness: St. Catherine Edition

by Denise Luong, COTA/L

The Momentum Therapy Culture Committee has been rolling out simple yet fun and meaningful activities that help ignite partnerships between departments. Some of you might have even received heart-shaped lollipops from your favorite therapists during our February Love one Another Project.

In the spirit of March madness, we kicked off the month with our fabulous Rehab team from St. Catherine, “tossing” it out with our hard-working maintenance department, for some great memories. The Rehab vs. Maintenance crew bean bag toss was a hit, with everyone cheering on one another, for a chance to win a scratcher worth up to $1,000! Our maintenance crew came out on top with the most winnings!

A few minutes of fun not only lifted our spirits with smiles and cheers, but also made us forget about work and bond over a simple childhood game of toss.

And that’s a wrap from St. Catherine!