The North Mountain Therapy Department specializes in Pulmonary Rehab, encouraging a multi-disciplinary approach to meet our respiratory patients’ goals of being decannulated, which typically is dependent upon the patient’s ability to return to a regular diet. In an effort to contribute to the greater independence of our patients, the Therapy Department created the SPOT (Speech Pathology Occupational Therapy), a holistic approach to a specialized dining experience to facilitate independence with safe swallow techniques and self-feeding.

The SPOT is a private, home-like, therapeutic dining room that allows our speech therapists and occupational therapists to provide a specialized treatment to our respiratory patients. The SPOT provides a quiet area to concentrate on safe swallow techniques, facilitate functional positioning, assess for any adaptive equipment needs to enhance the ability of our patients to regain their independence and return to the community.

The SPOT includes a small ADL kitchen and is stocked with adaptive equipment for the patients to trial during meals including a deltoid aid, weighted/built-up utensils, specialized drinking cups, and divided plates/plate guards. Additionally, ST has a quiet environment to perform vital stim or cognitive treatments.

The SPOT dining: helping North Mountain serve up independence!

Submitted by Kelly Schwarz, DOR
North Mountain Nursing & Rehabilitation, Phoenix, AZ