By Mahta Mirhosseini, Therapy Resource

Last month, we talked about the exciting new revisions to our policy regarding Clarification orders.      Facilities that are actively using Clinisign, Optima’s physician e-signature feature, do not have to write clarification orders for Part A payers when completing evals and recert if their documents are signed by the MD via Clinisign!

This can be a huge time-saving opportunity, especially since we already did not have to write clarification orders for our Part B payers. This is because Optima’s Clinisign product ensures timeliness of MD participation with therapy POCs/UPOCs. Here you will find some commonly asked questions that come when rolling out CliniSign:

Q: Can PAs/NPs sign our therapy documents via Clinisign?

A: Yes. By putting the PA/NP’s name in the “Clinisign signing Provider” area of the document, they will be alerted to sign the document. This is the signing on behalf of feature and will include the names and NPIs from both the physician and NP/PA on the document.

Q: Do I have to send the invite to a doctor who is already using Clinisign with another facility?

A: Yes, each facility needs to send out a separate invitation so the doctor can start to receive documents from your facility, but the doctor does NOT have to go through the enrollment process each time.  Once enrolled, he/she will just get notifications that the facility will begin sending him documents.

Q: How often do physicians get notified?

A: Clinisign will send out a notification ONCE a day at 1 p.m. EST. This notification is sent via email and text (if mobile number has been provided). Physicians have the option to go into their account setting and change frequency and/or time of their notifications.

Q: Can the therapist edit the eval to correct a diagnosis if the doctor has already e-signed the document?

A: Yes, once the therapist goes into the document to make changes, the document will get re-sent to the physician for another e-signature.

Q: Will the MD e-signed document get sent into PCC?

A: Yes, the latest version of the document will get automatically sent over to PCC’s Therapy Clinical Document Report.

Q: Do I still have to scan these MD e-signed documents into the misc tab of PCC?

A: No, because there is an electronic time-stamped record of physician signature both in Optima and PCC.

Q: My medical records director helps monitor therapy document signatures. How will they know which documents are being electronically signed by physicians?

A: Medical records directors have access to “Physician E-Signatures Report” in Optima. Please contact Ensign Support to set up your medical records partners with an Optima user account.

Q: Whom do I contact if I have a question?

A: Please contact your local therapy resource or myself ( You may also contact our Optima Support Team (