By Mahta Mirhosseini, Therapy Resource

I recently had a chance to interview Lana Mathis about her experience with Clinisign. Lana is an OTA who has been with Ensign since 2012 as a DOR at Granite Mesa and now at Legend Oaks Kyle in Texas. When she is not “DORing,” she loves archery, and likes to travel, fish, take long motorcycle trips, and read. Her favorite ice cream flavor is Haagen-Dazs® Caramel Cone.

How long have you been using Clinisign?

LM: I have been using CliniSign since 2017

Did you have any challenges in getting started and how did you overcome them?

LM: The main challenge that I had was getting the Physicians to sign.   Once I explained how it works and gave them a copy of the CliniSign for Physicians they were more open to it.   I think the key words here are “time saving” and “it’s as easy as punching a button.”    It is a lot easier to get Nurse Practitioners to sign up.    I signed on a Nurse Practitioner here at Legend Oaks Kyle.    She stated, “Oh that was really easy and very convenient.”

How does Clinisign impact your therapy program?

LM: CliniSign has a tremendous impact on the therapy program.   It affects productivity/time.   It saves so much time and chance for errors.   It helps with compliance and especially with MSCA audits.    The amount of time saved is enormous. I changed buildings recently and I had forgotten how cumbersome and outdated it was to have to chase signed papers.

How does Clinisign impact your therapists?

LM: The therapists love Clinisign because it saves them time from having to complete clarification orders.   It also saves time from having to rewrite clarification orders because the through dates were different from the evaluation dates. They also don’t have to print their evals and recerts anymore.

Did your IDT have to do anything different to adapt to Clinisign?

LM: All of the IDT related information is on the portal and very user friendly. I recently had a Nurse Practitioner out on vacation for a week, and the covering Nurse Practitioner was not in Clinisign. It felt like going back in time to life before electronic health records.   The amount of time chasing pieces of paper and making sure they were scanned into PCC was ridiculous.

Any advice for therapy programs who are thinking of getting started with Clinisign?  

LM: To all programs that are thinking about getting started with Clinisign, I say…

Just Do It!

What are you waiting for?

It’s a life changer for the therapy department!

You will be amazed at how much time you save!

It’s much easier than you think!

Give yourself an early Holiday present and do it now!

You deserve it!

Remember, if you have any questions about getting started with Clinisign, please reach out to Mahta Mirhosseini ( or your local therapy resource.