Optima Update - Why Clinisign?

By Aimee Bhatia, OT, DOR, Glenwood Care Center, Oxnard, CA

When we were given the challenge to get our physicians signed up for Clinisign, it seemed daunting. We had tried several years ago with no success and a lot of push-back. After our quarterly meeting in Las Vegas, I came back determined to make a change. I presented in QA that we would be switching to Clinisign and highlighted how much it would cut down on being hunted down for signatures, how much less work it would be for the facility to coordinate signatures and clarification orders to remain in compliance, and how easy it would be to do at their convenience.

I gave the physicians a deadline, and with Mahta Mirhosseini’s help, I got three of our main physicians signed up within a week. Two of our doctors preferred to have their nurse practitioners sign, and that was perfectly acceptable. Setting up the doctors also allowed sister facilities in the area to more smoothly transition to Clinisign because the doctors were already in the system.

Since we started, it is remarkable how much less time myself and the rehab aides spend chasing down doctors for signatures. There is less filing and fewer errors in typing clarification orders into PCC, and overall efficiencies have improved, eliminating the need to print and write clarification orders upon evaluation and re-certifications. Our physicians occasionally need a reminder to log in and sign documents that are waiting for them, but even with that, it is an efficient process.

If you have not mandated that your physicians jump on board, please do. Enlist your administrators if needed. Remember, once your physicians are using Clinisign to sign evaluation and re-certification documents, you will no longer have to write clarification orders, you will no longer have to type signed clarification orders into PCC, and you will not have to print because everything is signed in Rehab Optima. Our facility chooses to print the signed documents so they are accessible when needed in the medical chart, but that is just a preference of our facility. Happy Clinisigning!