Program Goal

Park View Post Acute Care Team’s long-term program goal is every staff member in the facility will:

  • Recognize the meaning of the four color-coded dementia levels
  • Understand the associated strengths, problems and care strategies associated with those levels
  • Implement that knowledge expertly in providing resident-centered and abilities-driven care

The Next Step

ACE = Ability Care Experts

Provide employees with a quality learning opportunity focusing on:

  • Dementia
  • The Abilities Care Approach Program
  • Park View’s specific dementia programming
  • Educate frontline caregivers to become experts in providing specialized caregiving approaches for residents with dementia
  • Develop dementia leaders who can be resources to their peers

Program Highlights (Insert photo of first ACE graduates)

  • Six one-hour classes (plus homework activities) delivered over six weeks
  • Small class size of five to six participants to encourage interaction and application of material
  • Open to CNA, RNA, nursing, activities staff and anyone who is interested
  • Coursework includes classroom learning, facility-specific program training and patient-specific strategizing
  • Plan to celebrate: ACE shirts, certificate and lapel pins. Facility recognition as peer mentor and expert.

Getting Started

What do you need to start?

  • Functional Abilities Care Program
  • Abilities Care Expert Instructor and Student Manuals (available on Portal)
  • Therapy Instructor with dementia training
  • Support of administrator/DON or ID team


A study comparing ACE-trained CNAs with CNAs who received the typical mandated dementia training found that CNAs with ACE training had:

  • Increased knowledge about dementia and providing care for residents with dementia
  • Improved caregiver self-efficacy
  • Increased CNA job satisfaction and reduced turnover

View poster: Abilities Care Expert (ACE) Training Program (PDF format)

By Jennifer Raymond, Therapy Resource/SLP, Park View Post Acute Care, Santa Rosa, CA