Our team consists of three PTs, two PTAs, two OTs, 3 COTAs and one SLP. However, we take an average of six students per year who add additional value to our team. The students include every discipline.

Efficient Group Programming

In order to improve outcomes, our department decided that we needed to come up with functional, creative, outcome-based group programming for our residents. We also needed to make these groups efficient. Including the knowledge of our students, we began our group program.

Weekly Group Activities

In the last year, we have included group planning in our weekly rehab meeting. During our meeting, each team member contributes to our group list. Once the list is made, we coordinate between each discipline. The students create the group activity and then coordinate the group time and help organize and gather the patients in the gym.

Group Outcomes

Over the last year, we have coordinated groups weekly with each discipline. The patient feedback has been very positive. We have also seen a decrease in patient refusals, and patients are excited to participate in therapy. Our students are thrilled with the opportunity to lead and plan patient care. Our productivity last July was 68.6 percent and has increased to 74 percent over the last year.


Thank you to all the students and therapists who have helped grow our therapy programs at Horizon!

View poster: Can Students Impact Programming? (PDF format)

By Abby Marschman, DOR/PT, Horizon Post Acute & Rehabilitation, Glendale, AZ