The only skilled nursing facility South of Denver with a comprehensive respiratory unit available 24/7, Rock Canyon utilizes an interdisciplinary approach, modern equipment, and up-to-date, evidence-based practices to address the whole patient and their unique family unit.

  • Physical, Occupational, Speech and Respiratory therapists work intimately when working with a trached and/or vent-dependent patient.
  • Patient treatments are individually tailored based on their personal goals, respiratory needs and unique cultural beliefs.
  • For many patients at Rock Canyon, decannulation is the ultimate goal and often achievable.
  • However, individuals who are ventilator-dependent may continue to benefit from skilled services and communicate if they are able to tolerate a speaking valve or utilize AAC.

A Team Approach 

The respiratory team will work closely with Speech during the vent weaning process to determine Passy Muir Speaking Valve candidacy and possible diet advancement. Occupational and Physical therapy staff will target endurance, energy conservation, and building strength through a comprehensive and functional exercise program. Nursing staff plays an integral role in ensuring that patients’ medical needs are being met and appropriate for therapy on any given day.

View poster: IDT: Collaboration Between Disciplines (PDF format)

By Brandon Larson, SLP-CCC and Cathy Bowman, DOR/OTR
Rock Canyon Respiratory and Rehabilitation, Pueblo, CO