We noticed that there was difficulty getting important patient information out to ALL staff members and identified that there was not a place in our current documentation for a care provider to go where they could get an overall snapshot of the patient’s needs. Some of the challenges include PM/NOC staff not having face to face interaction with daytime therapy staff and variations in terminology between disciplines.


  • Encourage all staff to feel confident assisting a patient with needs or questions even if they are not assigned to that particular patient.
  • Eliminate the need to log into PCC, review paper chart, or locate nurse to find basic patient info.
  • Encourage carryover of therapy techniques with nursing staff to reduce caregiver burden.
  • Communication about mobility precautions, fall risk, and isolation precautions.
  • Help in reducing falls by identifying patients who are safe to be mobilizing on their own vs. those that require assistance.

Multidisciplinary collaboration in creating a “Smartsheet” that is displayed at both nurses stations and is visible by all staff. Patient identifiers such as name and diagnosis are not included but important nursing updates are included.

The “Smartsheet”
The Smartsheet consists of items we determined were the most important things to know when asking for an overall snapshot of the patients. There are columns that pertain to nearly all disciplines and each discipline is responsible for keeping their information up to date. Here are the main reasons we chose to use the Smartsheet vs. having a whiteboard printed or using other communication tools:

  • Fluidity: columns are easy to edit and patient info can be updated as status changes
  • Ease of use: most items are check boxes or dropdowns but there are also free text boxes for more detailed information
  • Accessibility: it can be accessed and updated from any computer through their website

View poster: IDT Communication Board (PDF format)

Brittany Marvin, DPT, DOR – Jisook Park, RN, DON – Shelly Sherman, RN, CNS – Cindy Tenderro, LVN, DSD