Acquiring health-promoting habits and routines in daily life enhances health and psychosocial well-being, through use of meaningful occupations (cultural and personal meaningful activities of daily life).

The Power of Occupations

  • Understanding the importance of occupations on well-being

Aging, Health, & Occupations

  • Analyzing personal health in relation to occupational involvement


  • Education on community resources¬†to facilitate community mobility and participation in occupations


  • Overcoming fears and safety barriers to participating in desired occupations

Social Relationships

  • Addressing the changing relationships of the aging individual

Cultural Awareness

  • Exposure to cultural differences within the context of social interactions and occupations


  • Optimizing occupational experiences and enjoying life while living on marginal income

Integrative Summary

  • Collection and reflection of information and experiences

View poster: Lifestyle Redesign: Promoting Health and Well-Being Through Occupation (PDF format)

By Diana Brown, MOT, Gateway Transitional Care Center, Pocatello, ID