LSVT focuses on increasing the amplitude! Traditional therapy focuses on cueing strategies or generalized strengthening with poor carryover results. The principles of the LSVT program train clients on first recognizing the sensory component of PD and then how to think and be bigger/louder.

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  • Frequency: Four times per week
  • Duration: Four weeks
  • Standardized yet individualized
  • Reinforce, motivate, empower with potential


Improves vocal loudness by stimulating the muscles of the larynx and speech mechanisms through a systematic hierarchy of exercises. Focused on a single goal, “Speak loud.” The treatment has been shown to improve respiratory, laryngeal and articular function to maximize speech intelligibility. The treatment trains patients to recalibrate their brain to increase output to a healthy vocal loudness without strain.


LSVT Big uses the same principles of the proven Loud program for functional mobility. The focus of the treatment is to increase the amplitude of limb and body movement with improvements in trunk rotation, gait speed, balance and quality of life. Daily exercises specifically focus on the most common impairments seen in PD with rotational movements, diagonal patterns, weight shifting and postural stability/retraining.

How can this help your clinic?

LSVT programs require certification.

Training and licensing have typical CEU costs: $550 for a two-day course; also available online (recommend the live course — they bring in patients).

You can check online if anyone is licensed in your area.

Start a niche outpatient practice needed in your community.

We also started a Parkinson’s support group in our facility with one of our patients leading it, which leads to referrals.

People with PD can get better.

View poster: LSVT Big/Loud for Parkinson’s Disease (PDF format)

By Jared Lundquist, PT/DOR, Monte Vista Healthcare, Pocatello, ID