Wound Care Program
Orem Rehabilitation offers one of the most advanced wound care programs in the area. Physicians regularly refer their patients with complex wounds to Orem Rehabilitation for treatment.

Our team treats the following conditions:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Diabetic/neuropathic wounds
  • Arterial insufficiency wounds
  • Venous insufficiency wounds
  • Post-surgical wounds, grafts, and flaps
  • Infected and/or draining wounds
  • Sharp debridement
  • Amputations
  • Post-traumatic wounds

Our Wound Care Team
Orem Rehabilitation offers a multi-interdisciplinary approach to wound care treatment. Our wound care team, all seasoned experts in their respective fields, consists of:

  • Wound care certified nurses
  • Wound care certified nurse practitioner
  • Wound care certified physical therapist
  • Lymphedema certified occupational therapist
  • Physical therapy
  • A registered dietician

They collaborate in formulating, implementing, and overseeing individualized care plans through daily/weekly extensive review, maximizing pressure relief through positioning and completing extensive patient and family education and training.

Providing Specialized Care
We seek specialized processes, services, and modalities to care for each patient:

  • Electrical stimulation physical therapy to encourage wound healing
  • Adaptive equipment to help patients stay independent
  • Shortwave diathermy, a localized heating modality to reduce pain
  • Pressure redistribution devices to heal and prevent pressure ulcers and increase patient comfort
  • Doppler exams to evaluate circulation, such as access to ABI/TBI
  • Ultrasound to hasten the inflammatory phase and promote healing
  • Lymphedema management
  • Pain management
  • Patient progress reports and communication
  • Patient and family education on wound healing and prevention
  • Access to pressure mapping in current seating system

Our outstanding staff utilizes these cutting-edge treatment approaches that have proven to give results and be beneficial to a variety of patients and their condition/comorbities. We work hand in hand with local wound care specialist and keep an open mind to the newest and latest treatment interventions.


View poster: Team Approach to Wound Care (PDF format)

Mark Walker, PT, DPT and Chrystal Misner, RN – Orem Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing