Panorama Gardens is a facility comprised of multifaceted teams of nurses, therapists and administrative/non-administrative staff. Each of these departments collaborates and works together as a team to create a comprehensive and effective care for both short and long-term residents.

As employees of Panorama Gardens and Ensign Group, we hold our core values close to our minds and hearts. Each day we go to work, we are reminded of what CAPLICO stands for. This credence became more prevalent when a disaster occurred in the building one Saturday in March 2018. During midday rounds of the Nursing staff, a loud noise was heard followed by water rushing from the ceiling in Station 3. There were different-size pieces of debris falling, and water began flooding the floor of the facility.

Residents who resided in rooms 46 to 53 were the most endangered due to the instability of the ceiling caused by the water bursting from the pipes. Immediately, all department heads were alerted and swift action was taken.

When the DOR was informed of the disaster, she immediately relayed the message to all Therapy staff. Upon hearing the news, the therapists voluntarily came to the facility, with some coming from their all-day seminar, part-time jobs and even from many miles away. On that day, it became evident that our job responsibilities do not solely define our duty. We have a commitment to provide care for our residents, and we are willing to go the extra mile for them.

Description of Events
As the therapists arrived in the facility, the rehab department immediately collaborated with the Nursing staff on where they could provide help and what type of assistance they needed. Therapists aided with relocating residents to secure areas, monitoring residents’ vital signs, helping clean up debris, and providing nursing care such as transferring, feeding and providing hygiene care.

The rehab gym was utilized as an evacuation area where bed-bound residents could be cared for and monitored. With the water damage confined and the fire department present, the therapists were able to talk to patients in their rooms and in the gym while providing them with attention and comfort. With extra help at hand, the Nursing staff was able to concentrate on their more critical tasks, such as contacting hospitals, coordinating resident transfers, calling doctors and getting a hold of family members.

By working together efficiently, the whole staff was able to secure patients and minimize damages with no harm to any residents. The residents — both those in the facility and those who were out on pass with family or representatives — felt safe throughout the process, with no noticeable presence of anxiety. All staff and residents were able to resume normal activities within days of the disaster and while construction was ongoing. Residents who are in rehabilitation were able to continue to make improvements in their therapy goals. Most of the residents expressed that they were impressed with how the whole staff worked together and how they handled the situation smoothly and competently.

The adversity caused by this event strengthens our conviction that we work best when we work as a team. We are stronger together, and we are more prepared to face any future challenges that can or will occur. In Panorama Gardens, the mantra “Love One Another” is always present and permeates our culture. Thank you to all Panorama Gardens staff who make this place a home to our residents where they can always be comfortable and feel safe and loved!

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Danthea Oliveros, PT, DPT