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As analysis of ADL scoring was assessed for Flagstone, we learned that San Diego produced a significantly higher number of “A” ADLs compared to other markets. The San Diego market reached out to other markets to begin the analysis process and determine ADL accuracy. It was determined that further analysis was needed within our market to identify opportunities to improve accuracy.

Where and When
Analysis is taking place in the San Diego market at each of the 14 facilities.

Outline of the Program
Residents with previously completed MDS assessments are assessed comparing nursing and therapy documentation to determine coding accuracy and to identify any discrepancies between therapy and nursing documentation. Any discrepancies are communicated to the IDT team with associated training.

A sample of current residents are identified who have not yet reached their 5 day assessment. Nursing and therapy documentation are reviewed and residents who are trending toward an “A” ADL are identified. The IDT team is them gathered and as a team together they assess with the patient present the accuracy of the coding by observing the patient participate in the associated ADL tasks.

On several occasions IDT teams have realized opportunities that exist within their facilities to provide training and education regarding documentation as it relates to ADLs. It has been exciting to see IDT teams first hand realize opportunities and then gather together to develop plans to address those opportunities.

We have seen in the past few months more accurate coding related to MDS scoring and are more in line with our other market partners in California.

View poster: Therapy and Nursing Combine to Assess ADL Accuracy (PDF format)

Arvin Atangan, BSN – Sam Baxter, PT, DPT – Eric Sacher, RN – Amanda Marsella, PT, DPT