Our rehab aides/techs are the lifeblood of many of our departments and are an integral part to helping the department run efficiently and effectively. The rehab aide/tech can help with a multitude of tasks, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Safe and efficient patient transportation
  • Setup of patient and/or treatment area
  • Daily cleaning of equipment and treatment area
  • Communication of relevant information to facility staff
  • Collection of medical information (BP, HR, O2 sats, etc.) for therapist before, during or after treatment session
  • Appropriate administrative support to therapy leader

Orem Rehab and Nursing Success

Most of us underestimate what a rehab aide can do to help elevate a therapist’s role in the facility and coordination with nursing and other facility staff. Orem Rehab has implemented some additional roles to our rehab aide to help elevate productivity, which in turn maximizes a therapist’s one-on-one time with our patients. Some of these additional roles that you may have not thought about but have had a significant impact on our productivity and directly on our therapy margin growth are:

  • Daily scheduling system of patients to therapists
  • Has improved coordination between disciplines
  • Maximizes patient/therapist time increasing our productivity by >7% on average
  • Responsibility of case management and communication with insurance in regards to authorization and updating progress notes

In a world of ever-increasing productivity standards, we need to think outside the box of what has been considered “normal practice.” One of the biggest areas of opportunity is with our rehab aides/techs who already do so much for us, but can also be utilized to a greater capacity. We have since shared our scheduling system and rehab roles with other cluster partners, and they, too, have seen significant impact on their therapy groups in allowing their therapists to spend as much quality, one-on-one time with our patients as possible while meeting the expectations of time management.

Productivity Impact

View our poster link for a graph comparing the last four months of productivity for 2017, the first four months of implementing a scheduling system for 2018 and a table giving a rough idea of how improving productivity by even 1 percent can impact the therapy margin and potential revenue: Utilizing Our Rehab Aides (PDF format)

By Mark Walker, DOR/PT, DPT, Orem Rehab and Nursing, Orem, UT