Our team of three PTs, six PTAs, two OTs, five COTAs and two SLPs invested in a collaborative effort to improve function enough in some of our LTC patients to enable them to discharge to a lower level of care (i.e., home, ALF, ILF, group home).

Maximizing Function in LTC Residents

Realizing that we had over 100 LTC residents, we as a team decided that there was potential for some of them to have increased function that may allow them to discharge from our facilities to a lower level of care, allowing them to function with increased independence in the community. With this goal in mind, we evaluated the residents and designed intensive POCS with the goal to discharge once function was maximized.

Last Quarter With Montecito LTC Residents

Over the last quarter, the therapy team worked closely with CNAs, nurses and nursing managers to identify patients who were able to discharge to a lower level of care with improved functional mobility and ADL performance. The ADL significant change report was utilized to identify patients who would also benefit from improved mobility and ADL performance. Patients participated in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and RNA services to make gains.

Patients Discharged to Lower Level of Care!

During the last quarter, there have been several patients who have discharged to lower levels of care. Some have been able to discharge to Assisted Living Facilities, and others have discharged to their own apartments. The typical frequency for these patients is two hours tx sessions, five to six days per week, which was a more intensive POC than we had written in the past. There are multiple additional patients who are expected to discharge to lower levels of care within the next couple of months.

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By Tyler Petty, PT – Montecito Post Acute Care and Rehab, Mesa, AZ