Beth Brewer, OTR/ADOR at Legend Oaks Katy, is known to most of us by her acquired moniker, MacGyver. What she creates with “a little bit” of duct tape, PVC pipe and pool noodles is magical! So when we decided to make dementia care one of our focal clinical programs, it came as no surprise that she would create something great.

This is when the Dementia Care Activity Box was born. Using guidelines from Teepa Snow’s The Gems®: Brain Change Model, Beth created Dementia Care Activity Boxes based on various dementia characteristics (gems). All facility staff have received an initial in-service/training on the purpose and use of the activity boxes, which are accompanied by a matching resource binder with descriptors for each gem; dialogue cheat sheets to engage residents in eating, bathing and dressing tasks; as well as general information about dementia. In addition to the activity boxes, Beth also recently piloted a four-resident Dementia Feeding Program using red plates and bowls to increase self-feeding and po intake. So far, we’ve seen a 10 percent to 25 percent increase in po intake depending on the resident’s level of dementia.

Our Dementia Care Program is in its infancy stages; however, with “MacGyver” Beth at the helm, I know that our residents are destined for greatness!

Submitted by Tawaine Vigers, DOR, Legend Oaks of Katy, TX