Abilities Care Approach Assessment Workshop Online

In this online course participants will gain skills and knowledge used during the evaluative phase of the Abilities Care Approach process. Participants will learn to administer and score the Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen – Version 5 (LACLS-5), the Routine Task Inventory – Expanded (RTI-E), the Functional Assessment Staging Tool (FAST) and assessments from the Allen Diagnostic Module (ADM-2). Participants will also learn to obtain a thorough occupational profile through the collection of information about person-centered factors, and to assess environmental factors for clients with dementia living in a skilled nursing facility.


Intended Audience

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants
  • Speech and Language Pathologists

Time Requirement

This 3 hour 15 min course is offered online.

Ensign LMS

Participants who wish to receive a certificate of completion indicating total educational hours must complete the courses within the Ensign LMS. You will log-into the LMS and are required to complete all aspects of the instruction prior to taking the post-test and receiving a certificate of completion. Check with your local resource to determine if the course has been approved for CEUs in your state.

Materials Required

Teaching Methods

Didactic instruction, case review, video demonstration, application exercises and knowledge checks.

Open Access

Open access to course material is also available through a link provided to you when you register for the course on Ensigntherapy.com. In this format, you are free to move between sections of the course and may access only the material that you want. This is a good resource for therapists who previously completed the entire course and want to refresher.


Course Objectives

  • Understand how to document ongoing assessment of cognition during the evaluative phase of the Abilities Care Approach
  • Understand correct administration and scoring of the LACLS-5 and ADM-2 assessments
  • Understand scoring criteria for the three stitches and inserted errors of the LACLS-5 and demonstrate the ability to assign a score to observed performance
  • Understand effective assessment methods for obtaining an occupational profile and gathering person-centered information for clients with dementia
  • Integrate findings from the Skilled Analysis of Routine ADLs and Activities into treatment plans and documentation of the environmental aspects of functional performance

Assessment Kits

We suggest that you purchase an Assessment Kit for your department prior to taking the courses so that you have the materials needed to administer the assessments.

How to Register

To enroll in this online course, scroll down to the Workshop Registration, change the RSVP quantity from zero to one, and complete the form. Your information will be forwarded to the “TEACHA” in your market who will send an introductory email and website link/credentials for the course. The TEACHA will also offer provide support and additional resources as needed to support translation of knowledge into practice.

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