Therapist Profile: Nicole King, SLP/DOR

Submitted by Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource
Introducing Nicole King, one of our newest Directors of Rehabilitation at Ridgeview Post-Acute in Commerce City, Colorado.

Nicole King is an SLP with over 12 years of experience who joined the Ensign family in March to help us transition Ridgeview Post-Acute in Commerce City, Colorado. Nicole has had her work cut out for her with many significant challenges, including a newly acquired facility that had been neglected and did not have a strong culture, building out her therapy team with several new hires, and almost immediately post-acquisition, dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. She has maintained a “let’s get this done” spirit and positive attitude in the face of these challenges and is already having an impact at Ridgeview.

Nicole’s most rewarding therapy experiences have revolved around getting to know her residents. “We have the opportunity to learn and grow with each new patient we meet,” she explains. Nicole also loves celebrating successes with her patients. “Any time I’ve gotten a patient off a PEG tube and back to eating solid foods again, I always celebrate with a lunch filled with their favorite foods!”

Like many of us, Nicole came from an organization with a very corporate structure. The freedom and empowering culture at her Ensign affiliate has been a breath of fresh air. Her vision for Ridgeview is to successfully transition the facility through the acquisition and get the Abilities Care Program up and running. “I have a great therapy team who is behind this goal and I am so grateful for them. I know our reputation (Ridgeview Post-Acute) in the community will rise to the top!”

When not working, Nicole spends time with her husband and two daughters, Fiona and Stella, and enjoys cooking, reading and going to the mountains – one of the many perks of living in the Denver area. She also loves comedies and enjoys any movie with Will Ferrell or Paul Rudd (no wonder I like her!).
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown is Nicole’s favorite business book. The book focuses on the idea that vulnerability is the heart of courageous leadership and offers strategies for leading from the heart rather than leading from fear. Nicole has embraced CAPLICO and relates to each core value, with Love One Another being her favorite. “Without Love One Another, the others aren’t achievable,” she says.

I am excited to watch what Nicole and her team accomplish at Ridgeview in the coming months. Welcome to the Ensign family, Nicole!