By Jamie Funk, Therapy Recruiting Resource

Scott Landale (Top Right) with the team at Beacon Hill: Kelli Shoemaker, Morgan Vaughn, Jeanne Hochstein, Lorena Libby and Katrina Brett

Scott Langdale is a stand-out leader in our Washington operations.  He is one of those dedicated clinicians who quietly goes about doing whatever needs to be done — in his own facility as well as his partner facilities — no matter what it takes and without any expectation of recognition.  “We are so lucky to have him on our team,” says Mira Waszak, his therapy resource.

Scott joined our organization when his facility, Beacon Hill, was acquired in 2014. He was a staff therapist at the time but quickly became a Director of Rehabilitation when the position opened up in 2016. He is passionate about developing others and believes that developing others is what great leaders do — they give the people they lead the tools and culture to grow and then get out of their way!

This therapy veteran has been part of many different teams over the years. What sets his current team apart from all the others is their closeness and genuine love for each other. Beacon Hill therapy is extremely supportive of all of the facility departments and has developed outstanding relationships with each one. Because of this close partnership, patient outcomes and satisfaction are excellent.

Scott is quick to praise the nursing team at Beacon Hill: “The thing I appreciate most about our nursing team is how much they appreciate our therapy team. What I mean is that our opinions matter and are taken seriously. We work very well together and there is no us and them.”

When not working, Scott loves to spend time with his family. His favorite Disney character is Goofy, because he puts his heart and soul into everything he does, doesn’t take himself too seriously, and he truly wills the good of others — sounds a little like Scott!

It is no surprise that serving as a director of rehabilitation is a demanding job, and with all the noise, chaos and drama that comes his way each day, Scott mindfully decompresses and reflects on his day during his drive home with no radio on in the car. Each evening after dinner, he takes the time to journal about his day and think about what he did right, what he could improve, or any work issues that are on his mind. This keeps him focused and keeps work at work, allowing him to enjoy his time at home with his family.

To help build morale and culture with his team, Scott has some great tricks. He makes sure he has a small gift for each employee when he does their annual performance review. He also makes sure they have facility T-shirts and hoodies, knowing how much our therapists love shirts. The team also has an off- site rehab team lunch at least once a quarter.

Scott keeps his passion for his field alive by mentoring student therapists as often as possible. He also maintains a willingness to try new things. “There is always something to learn,” he says. “The one thing I know is that I don’t know everything. Everyone I meet or interact with has a story to tell. If I treat them as a person instead of a thing, I am always amazed at how much they will teach me.”