On Aug. 1 and 2, 2016, the Pinnacle Therapy team and other staff put on a Therapy Summer Olympics for all short- and long-term residents. Residents had the opportunity to participate in many different events, including: six-minute marathon, shot put, discus, 6 meter dash, strongest legs, strongest arms, grip strength, olympic ring toss, dexterity, cycling, golf, shooting, fencing, and soccer.

Therapy utilized standardized tests in these events; for example, the 6 meter dash is the Timed Up and Go test (TUG), and strongest arms is the arm curl test. Events occurred both outside and inside. There were both opening and closing ceremonies complete with an Olympic torch and medals at the end.

Every two years the Olympics bring positive vibes and patriotism, and we always hope to bring the same feelings twice a year for the Therapy Olympics.

By Maresa Madsen, DOR, Pinnacle Nursing & Rehab — Price, Utah